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Mid Term Results


When asked his opinion on the recent mid term losses for Democrats nationwide, Former President Bush exclaimed "Well, I'm just glad it's not my fault!"




Oh it sure is his fault. He's just too stupid to realize it, and so are we! :wink:


GW was in office about 60 days and was being blamed for some of the left over problems from the Clinton administration. Obama is going on two years and liberals are still saying "it's Bush's fault." There is no end to the hypocrisy.


Regardless, Dems and GOP won't work together, nothing's going to change. Yay, America.


We just have to wait two more years, then it's goodbye Obama, and goodbye Democrat controlled Senate.

In reality, the two-party system needs to be restructured, or in the end removed. I'm not trying to promote a United Kingdom style parliament, with a legislative branch of government that acts like it is a daytime soap opera.

We need a government that is smaller, and much more representative of it's constituents.


Gridlock is good, it means our taxes won't go up.


?? Deadlock will expire the Bush tax cuts, letting taxes rise sharply.

What they need to do is, Boehner and Obama together, bring down the deficit via entitlement reform. Along with extending help to small businesses. And tax reforms.

I hope Obama doesn't go for a short-term stimulus, he should know the GOP won't go for it.


fuck the entire fed tax code, lose the whole thing a get a national sales tax.

The only way that small businesses are going to get the money that they need is if banks are forced to start lending some of the money they are borrowing at zero interest.


Forget democrats and the word reform. I trust them using the word reform about as much as I trust a monkey with a machine gun.

Unless we redefine the word reform to mean- "Create an entirely new and publicly funded bureaucracy to facilitate the pillaging of the citizens of the United States, which by its mere existence justifies its existence regardless of actual need, and shall continue to grow until its reach exceeds it charter, and will then require an act of reformation" like they did with that healthcare "reform".


Wise words.


The republicans are in a great position right now. Having won the House but not the Senate, and with Obama as President they will not be looked at as the controlling party. They have to be careful not to make the mistake that the Gingrich congress made back in 94'. They worked with Clinton with some very middle of the road semi conservative things and got him reelected because of it. Up to that point his Clinton was polling quite low. Gridlock will almost assure an Obama defeat and that should be everyone's highest priority. We obviously need a President who gets it for any long-term cure for our nations woes to be effective.

I'm thinking we may not have the "Clinton problem" here because Obama is a pure ideologue. I think he'd rather wear a white hood and ride horse back around capitol hill burning crosses than actually try to pass any legislation which would cause him to go center right. I could be wrong as he knows what this means. One thing I can assure you of, this is a very, very unhappy man right now. He's caught between a rock and a hard place. It's going to be a pleasure to watch him extend the Bush tax cuts which he absolutely will have to do. He will not be able to cut out those evil rich people who make 250-k or better as the republican House will not allow it. This is what the next two years look like for Obama - what will he do?

Joy, pure joy.