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Mid Section Tire


I'm 19 right now, summer of last year i was weighing in at 260, im 6'2''. i lost 80 pds. putting me down to 180, and i have been lifting for a year now, and im back up to around 195, but the problem is im seeing major improvements in all areas of the body except lower abdominal region, i still have a small "tire" though.

i've tried a lot of diets and other ideas given by trainers but it hasn't gone away, it has gotten a little better but not completely gone...any ideas? thanx


For guys, this is typically the last place to go. You didn't state what your current program looked like, but I would say to stick with a solid eating plan such as "Lean Eatin'", as well as focusing on cardio if you want to lose that last bit of fat.

Stay strong


Look for Christian Thibaudeau's "Running Man" article.

Sprinting is awesome if you're trying to lean out. I much prefer it over low-intensity hampster-on-wheel cardio. You can easily be done in 15-20 mins. Of course if you do it right you'll feel like death afterwards but hey, you said you wanted to look good, right?