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Mid-Range T with Symptoms. Considering TRT or HCG

Over the last years I have suffered mild low T symptoms. Did my best to fix lifestyle and sometimes I have felt better. I lift 3x per week with PT, eat paleo mostly, sleep well, avoid chemicals etc. But I am around 40y old and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better… Have done tests over the years

Total Testo has been between 460-670, most recently 600 ng/dL range 150-750
Free Testo: 7.5 range 2.8-21
Estradiol was 160 now 80 range <150
SHBG 45 range 15-95
LH 3.8 range 1.5-9.3
FSH 9 range 1.4-18
Prolactin 140 range 60-260

I felt better at 675 than I do now at 600 but have a feeling I would feel even better at 900 or 1200.

My LH and FSH might be a bit low, my testicles were slow to develop and right is smaller. Should I try HCG?

Is it wrong to want to try TRT? I still want to have the option to have kids one day. European not living in a TRT-friendly country but can order enanthate from a pharma online if needed or travel to another country for a few months as I work from home and money is not an issue.

Boy do I have some bad news for you…

There is a difference between having low testosterone (you don’t) and aging (like all of us you are). You said you think you’d feel better with test at 1,200, and that’s probably right. You’d also feel better at 2,000. Or 2,700. But your numbers don’t look like that of someone who’s in desperate need. If you want to start taking testosterone because you want to feel like a teenager again then go right ahead. You’re a grownup and can make your own choices. But let’s not pretend like it qualifies as TRT at this stage. Do you need it? Absolutely not. Can you use it and will you maybe benefit from it? Probably, yeah.

Have problem with libido or erection with that results?

Sometimes. Libido definitely down compared to when I was 30 and longer refractory periods. Sometimes failure to stay erect with new parters, but most of the time it works well. It worked better when I was 25years old. I know it is normal with ageing, but would it be better with higher T? Not doing any cialis/viagra.

From what I have read people with 2000+ often feel worse than they did at 1000 long term with pimples, anxiety, gyno, ed etc. I might not qualify for TRT according to the doctors according to the numbers, but the treatment would still be TRT right?

Well no, that’s not treatment. That’s simply using steroids. Again, nothing wrong with that as far as I’m concerned. But medicine is not recreation, and what you’re talking about is a lot closer to one than the other.

And as an aside, I have noticed very little difference between my initial trt at 200/w (from years ago) and 500/w for mass building purposes. Nothing changed. Libido was maybe a little stronger at the higher dose, but it was always strong anyway. No extra acne, no gyno, no anxiety, no high BP, nothing. Not everyone gets all the side effects. In fact I’d argue that most people experience only mild issues. You only read about the guys who break their ducks because they’re the ones who come to forums and ask for help. The guys like me who have no issues tend not to ask for help because nothing is wrong and thus help is not needed.