mid-night protein shake...

i read the article on t-mag about waking up in the middle of the night and drinking a protein shake or something similar to induce an anti-catabolic state in the muscles at all times, eliminating sleep which is when muscles are the most catabolic. anyways, i personally, would find this hard because waking up at 6 am to lift is a bitch in and of itself. but waking up at like 3 am just to have a shake. it seems really tough to do, but the anti-catabolic claim is enticing.

if anybody has tried this before i’d appreciate any pointers and/or suggestions. thanks.

I would rather have it before bed and leave sleep for recovery.

…i’d appreciate any pointers and/or suggestions. thanks.

  1. Set alarm for 3am.

  2. Wake up

  3. Drink shake

  4. Go back to sleep.

    Well, thats a rough outline of the plan I would follow to attain the “goal” you are suggesting.:slight_smile:

    Seriously though dude, what do you want to know? The only thing I can add to make it even easier for you is to have the shake made and by your bed. That way you don’t even have to go to the kitchen. Shoot, you only have to be 1/2 awake to drink it.


I just drink a ton of water before I go to sleep with my before bed shake. Then, normally Ihave to get up and pee at 2:30 or so, and I just grab my shake then.

SRS is right, it isn;t that hard to do. If you aren;t willing to put 100% into this thing than it will be hard to do. If you want to build a great body than you won;t have any problem half waking up for all of 30 seconds and going back to sleep.
Deal with it.

what i was asking was, are there any tricks that people used to help them wake up for the shake (ie - drinking a shitload of water before bed). because like i said, its hard enough for me to wake up in the morning for my workout. sorry for not being specific enough.

I have done this on a bulk cycle in the past. I have a fast metabolism and need a lot of feedings for muscle growth. I would say on an average 2-3 wk bulk it allows me to add 1-3 lbs of lean mass. I drink 1-2 16 oz. cups of water before bed so I always wake to relieve myself between 1 & 3. Also have a 2 yr. old and he wakes about once a night which usually wakes me. Hope this helps. -LW

Go ahead and give the idea a shot but I wouldn’t recommend setting your alarm to do so. The alarm clock causes enough disruption and stress in our sleep/wake cycle and having to deal with it once in the morning is plenty. But if you just happen to wake up at night go ahead and grab a shake.

I know I’m up to drain the lizard at least once per night, often twice.

When I implemented this tactic, I would have the water in a shaker in the fridge and the scoop of protein powder in a little tupperware container. Every night at 2am I would sure enough wake up to hit the can. Right afterwards I would shake it up and tip it back.

Just do like Beamer said and drink a lot of water with your last meal of the day.

To everyone on this thread, if you are not naturally getting up in the middle of the night to urinate, you are definately dehydrated. If you are drinking enough during the day/evening, there is no way you could go 6-9 hours without peeing, and being dehydrated is very catabolic in itself so drink up. When you do get up to pee, do exactly as Timbo already mentioned. I’ve been doing this for years. Pre-mixing something before bed is as natural to me as brushing my teeth!

I forgot to mention, in my opinion setting the alarm and forcing yourself to get up to eat/drink is out of the question. Talk about screwing with your hormones!

OK loopfit, before I get chastised any more- I don’t want to look like I advocate setting the alarm to get up in the middle of the night either. In fact, I don’t even own an alarm myself. I too wake up naturally a couple of times during the night to relieve myself. I guess I was just trying to show that these types of “problems” are not really problems at all.

Yup, the drinking enough water before bed sounds like a better option. SRS

Loopfitt, i think your proposal of being dehydrated if you dont pee during the night is a little over zealous. i’m guessing i get enough water at 2 gallons a day and somes i wake during the night to pee, sometimes i dont. i do piss out bucket loads in the morning tho. Am i dehydrated? i doubt it. do i have a bladder the size of a watermelon? probably.

Whetu, I gues my bladder is the size of a grape because I pee like a race horse coming down the home stretch. 2 gallons of water you say, that will definately keep you hydrated. But I do hope you’re keeping your sodium levels very high otherwise you could suffer hyponatremia if training hard.

sorry that sounded prety bitchy eh…
my salt is real high at the mo.
i have been drinking heap of water for ages, maybe im used to it. i am one sweaty SOB in the gym and am training 2x per day. so that could be a factors.
didnt mean to diss you loopy