Mid-Morning Feeding

I have read alot on this site of the importance of frequent feeding for anti-catabolism. Would it be helpful to wake up in the middle of the night to down a protein drink?? After all, going 7-12 hours without food is exactly what has been proven to be counterproductive. Or does the digestive system need this break??

It can be of help for ultra skinny dudes, but don’t force yourself to wake up. If you happen to wake up naturally to take a leak, then have a shake premade in the fridge ready to go.

if you drink enough liquids in the day, you’ll be peeing every 30-60 minutes. with that said, i can’t see how anyone who is properly hydrated doesn’t wake up at least 1 time in the night. i’m ususally 2 times in the night/early morning. when i’m trying to gain weight i plan to slam down a Myoplex Low Carb Ready-to-Drink while on the pot or putting my baby back to sleep.