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Mid First Cycle Update

For all those interested just thought Id throw up a log of how its going.
(Cycle: 500mg Test / Arimidex 25mg eod) im on week 6 of 10
Weight increase: 152lbs to 170lbs part of the weight gain is due to a rebound from a year long cut…
All my compound lifts have increased 30 to 40lbs
Libido is great however it does fluctuate
The biggest change I’ve experienced on cycle is the amount of people that either look at me or want to talk to me at the gym lol.
Main side effects:
Hair growth
Mood swings
Large increase in impulsiveness

All seem to be manageable however the impulsiveness is harder to control… This may sound strange but the impulsive behaviour has propelled my to not settle for less and put myself and how I feel first.

Over and out

500mgs of test weekly shouldn’t affect mood significantly (especially compared to like… tren), elaborate?

I disagree, I feel like playing with any hormones can effect anyones mood significantly. My age could definitely be a strong factor in this, I’m 21… Im pretty sure I remember reading some studies talking about a higher prevalence of mood changes in adolescents and young adults.

I assume you mean Aromasin 25mgs EOD, right?

So there was a study done (one of the branches of Cal, I think) about testosterone and impulsivity. The men who were on testosterone showed signs of increased impulsivity when it came to tasks that they were given. They made decisions faster and finished said tasks more quickly than the placebo group. So you’re not crazy if you think you’re feeling more impulsive while on cycle. I would say that I have experienced the same sort of thing while on TRT. For me—and I don’t know if this will work for you—it was important to stop in the middle of something and ask myself if I was doing it right or if I just thought I was doing it right. That little forced break in the process of doing something has helped me slow down my pace and kept me from doing any damage. I think it helps when you can remind yourself that the way you’re feeling doesn’t necessarily determine the outcome of a future situation.

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Interesting stuff, I knew there was definitely something to it, thanks for the post iron. As for the Arimidex dosage 0.25mg eod (my bad with the 25mg)… However I’m considering upping it to 0.5mg eod to see if I feel more optimal.

You mean 0.25mg Arimidex/anastrozole EOD? 0.81mg/week.

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From years of TRT with lab data and anastrozole dose calculation based tuning we see that typically guys need 1mg anastrozole for every 100mg T. So you are grossly under dosed. Gyno, mood swings [bitchy and intolerant], impulsiveness are expected outcomes.

Along with high E2, SHBG will increase creating more non-bioavailable SHBG+T that lowers FT. Higher E2 drives related gene expression that opposes what you want T to provide. And E2 is thought to interfere with T docking at T receptors.

High E2 promoted bloat and fat and adverse fat patterns.

Guys seem to do best near E2=22pg/ml 80 pmol/L. That seems optimal for mood, fat levels, fat patterns, libido, energy.

I think that roid rage may be from elevated estrogens.

It is good to see that your energies are been directed positively.

Please inject T twice a week to get steadier levels. Anastrozole serum levels need to match steady T levels to work properly. Anastrozole is a competitive drug to T interfering with T at aromatase reaction points.

Take 1mg anastrozole three times per week. Expect to feel significant changes in 5-7 days.

Understand: A few, not rare, are anastrozole over-responders who will crash E2 on expected doses. No way to know in advance. When this happens, stop for 6 days then resume at 1/4th the expected dose.

E2 labs: If you are on a known dose of anastrozole and get for example E2=33pg/ml and goal is E2=22pg/ml, new dose = old dose X 33/22. The method will up or down calculate dosing.

Gyno is dangerous as it can have permanent effects.

I see a lot of BB guys not understanding E2 management and issues.

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Thanks for the post KSman, everything is noted

Hey KSman, 1mg of Arimidex has been working great… thanks for the advice I was a bit too conservative with it. Only downsides is loosing 5lbs in a few days and maybe some strength?? either way thanks

If E2 was causing some water bloat you were dumping that.

Glad that this worked for you and you have some good info to carry forward.