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Mid Cycle Update

I personally enjoy reading about others’ progress so I thought I would post my own thus far, as well as some thoughts and observations about the feelings when you’re “on”. I’ll put the numbers first so everyone can just skip my long winded post if they want!

First to the point for those that don’t like a lot of reading:

Gear: 500 mg/week sustanon, no AI but I have A-dex on hand if necessary, Nolva on hand as well.

Day 34 (4 weeks, 6 days, for those following along at home)

Weight= +15 lbs (this could be partly due to glycogen re-uptake and water retention, since I dieted down to around 6% bodyfat and was extremely carb depleted before starting)

Waist- +1-1.5 inches
Chest- +1"
Bicep-+ 0.5"
Max Bench- +25 lbs.

Okay, now on to the psychological and physiological effects (besides getting bigger and more jacked that is)

Number one, the libido. Dude, you seriously want to jump on everything in a skirt, and not in a “let me take you softly in a b and b by the sea” kind of way, more of a “let me jump you in the shower at work, hot monkey sex kind of way” Yeah. It’s bad

Next, motivation to work out. I don’t know if it’s placebo or what, but you want to exercise. Not just lift, run, bike, swim, whatever. Plus you’re jacked and vascular, so you want to be outside showing off those new pipes! I think this could be one of the best upsides to gear, you just want to go out and do stuff!

Third, diet, or lack thereof. Now, I have been pretty good, but I know my body and I know what I normally can get away with diet wise before I start to gain appreciable bodyfat.

Well, let me tell you, I have gone way off the reservation a couple times (ben and jerry’s anyone?) and have not paid the price per se. One thing I have noticed is how much more susceptible I am to swelling up like a friggen’ water balloon when taking in excessive carbs or salt. That usually doesn’t last, but is an interesting phenomenon.

Just for frame of reference, I have been taking in around 3000-3500 clean calories on a regular basis consisting of Eggs, Steak, Fish, Cheese, avocado, fresh vegetables, and have had the occasional beer or glass of red wine.

The only real carbs I have are oatmeal and blueberries in the morning and simple carbs post workout. Anyhow, like I stated, I’m up close to 15 lbs and have barely gained any bodyfat, so all the new muscle looks incredible. Especially the fullness and hard feeling that I have, along with the great vascularity.

Roid rage. This one has been getting a lot of press lately thanks to Chris Benoit and the army of knee jerk reactionary reporters. Man, this one gets a bad rap. If anything, I have felt calmer under everyday annoyances and stresses, maybe that is due to a heightened awareness of the possible condition, who knows?

One effect I have certainly noticed is the belief that you can take on just about anyone. It’s like, you’re calmer, but at the same time when some knucklehead is getting out of line your thoughts immediately turn to knocking a few of his teeth out. I guess it’s hard to describe.

The thought of unfounded or unrestrained “rage” is certainly not correct. I found before being “on” I had a much lower tolerance for trivial annoyances, whereas now it’s transitioned to a laser like focus on dudes who are being douche bags. It seems to be more closely tied to a feeling of right and wrong, and an unwavering and new found belief that you are charged with setting rude people straight through physical means. (with great power comes great responsibility?)

As far as other deleterious effects I have not really experienced them. My skin has been a little oilier, but I have been out in the sun a lot lately so I’m just getting a real nice tan, hahaha. I have been cognoscente of any hairloss but have been taking proscar and nixoral shampoo and have not had any problems.

One thing I do notice is that I am a bit warmer all the time, I don’t know what that could be from. I also haven’t experienced any gyno, so I’m glad that I checked with Saspion before doing any excessive AI’s, since I have read that a little estrogen conversion actually helps.

Finally, fun with injections. Let me say first off, Sustanon hurts! (probably from the short estered test (?))It’s like getting a voluntary bee sting twice a week that you know will make you jacked. Usually the soreness lasts for 2-3 days, although I did have one injection that hardened up my delt for a little longer than that. I immediately started freaking out and thinking abcess, but it went away.

So, this has been a long one, but to sum up, it works! You gain around 10 lbs in a month or so, and you don’t get fat doing it! You basically get to pretend you have the type of genetics that you’ve always been jealous of. I definitely think it’s a good idea to diet first, because adding the weight when you’re lean makes it much easier to monitor the quality of your gains.

I will post again towards the end when I’m starting PCT, which will be in another 5 weeks or so. Hope everyone is well out there in T-Mag cyber land…


Man. Let me tell you your psychological descriptions, ALL of it, is EXACTLY what I felt while “on”. Amazing. Thanx for sharing!

And I personnaly feel as well that you do a lot more stuff - IMO the greatest upside.

[quote]SwD wrote:
Man. Let me tell you your psychological descriptions, ALL of it, is EXACTLY what I felt while “on”. Amazing. Thanx for sharing!

I second that. Your psychological/mood effects description is absolutely spot on: Especially about the patience increase and the ability to handle stress much better. Higher tolerance. I am a nicer person “on”;

And yes, ambition takes a big step up. You just want to do things, accomplish something. You are excited about life and feel good about everything around you. I believe TC described this facet of high testosterone, in poetic words of course.

Good descriptions. :slight_smile:

Great post and good job on the gains so far.

bigbugga you said 500mg of Sust250 a week. Are you hitting it with 250mg’s twice a week?

15lbs is great even if you were carb depleted

Excellent post iam certainly looking forward to feeling how your feeling bigbugga i took my first shot yesterday sust250/eq200mg but it was completely painless might be i took em both in same syringe looking forward to another update on your cycle