Mid Cycle Question Reguarding HCG and Armidex

Hey guys I’m currently mid week 9 of my first test cycle 250 mg 2x week… I was planning on running the cycle 12 weeks and using HCG the final 4 weeks but had some difficulty getting the HCG and just received it today.

I’ve kept Armidex on hand and this week I’ve been having my first signs of high estrogen levels (lethargy, pointy and itchy nipples) so I’m starting to take .25mg EOD and seeing how my body responds.

My question is should I dose my AI any higher? Also since its only a 12 week cycle should I worry about taking HCG now? or run it from week 9.5-12? Thanks for the help

In TRT context we know that anastrozole normal responders need 1mg anastrozole for every 100mg T ester. It is a competitive drug that needs to match serum T levels. So the answer depends on your gear. Linearity may break down, so perhaps 5mg/week max.

For your cycle, you can try 4-5 mg per week.

0.25mg EOD is not going to work unless you are an anastrozole over-responder.

hCG is needed to keep your testes functional so PCT is a transition and not recovery+transition. Start at 250iu SC EOD as soon as possible.

You BB guys are simply wrong waiting for signs of high estrogen.