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Mid-Cycle PCT? When Do I Start Nolva?

Hey guys, so I’m pretty new to this, and I wasn’t smart enough to do enough research about what to do after I finished the dbol portion of my cycle. So here’s what I did

25mg dbol w1-4
500mg test e /wk w1-12

I will be using nolva for my pct but I’m not sure when to start it. I’m kinda confused what I’ve read tho… I’ve heard to start oct for anabolics right after but since I’m still on the test e, should I wait till the test e cycle is done as well or should I start the nolva now that I am done my dbol portion. I know I might get some flak since I didn’t do enough research before I started my cycle but I’m new to it all and thought I had done enough and now that I’m confused I’m kinda getting anxious. Any info will help! Thanks!

PCT starts after the entire cycle is over, and in the case of test e wait an extra week or so for those levels to drop.

You should be taking an AI such as armidex or aromasin, especially with dbol. If you didn’t get any (bad research?), nolva can help with estrogen instead though I’m not sure of dosing in that use versus PCT - just make sure you still have enough to cover your PCT.

Thanks for that, so instead of Nolva I should use one of those two drugs you had mentioned. Then In seven weeks when I am done my test e cycle I should start on the nolva?