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Mid Cycle, Must Run - Severe Pain


I am midway through a test cycle. I have been putting on amazing gains and my strength is through the roof. I found out last week i was accepted into a highly strenuous military specops program later this summer. I need to up my cardio and swimming. I used to be a decent runner, but i have done zero cardio since i started my cycle.

I jogged a half mile and my calves were in excruciating pain. I am wondering if this is due to sudden weight gain and my legs not used to operating with it, or if muscle growth in my calves have created some kind of situation. If anyone knows please fill me in.


Try eating raisins which contain Potassium or get yourself some Taurine

Watch sodium, does it go away the minute you sit down .... if not go get your BP checked.


Yeah it goes away a few minutes after i stop running. I used to think only "shin splints" happened to fat chicks or people who need an excuse. I have never been a super strong runner, but I have never experience anything like this. I am in the final 3 weeks of my cycle and I have done no cardio the entire time. I am trying to stretch more and take other measures. This sucks because this program has been my dream job, not to mention the 40k i will get upon completion.


shin splints happen to athletes all the time... I've gotten them from simply running on a type of floor I wasn't use to

considering it was the first time doing cardio in awhile I wouldn't worry about it, unless you give it time to heal and it continues to happen.

congratz on the job.. are you going to have adequate time to finish PCT?


Yes. My last prick will be next week, and I have all summer to train. It sucks because i started pounding on mass because i got a job as a repo man. Now my fitness goals have to do a 180. I get way more attention from girls now that i am bigger. Dont let skinny dudes with abs fool you. I have been a scrawn ripped bruce lee type for years. over the past 2 years i have bulked up, and The difference with women is unbeleivable.