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Mid-Cycle Labs, 14-Week Cycle

Goal - add lean muscle mass.
Current cycle:
Test Cyp 500MG/WK x 14 WKS.
Proviron 50 MG/Day x 14 WKS.
DBol kickstart 20MG/DAY x 4 WKS.
Deca 300 MG/WK weeks 1-7.
Then Tren E 200 MG/WK weeks 8-14.
Typically have little to no need for AIs (labs WNL and lack of sides).
At what week should I run labs to check Prolaction, E2, lipids, liver values, etc.
Have caber and AIs.
This is my first Deca/Tren run .

Up to you…

CBC w/lipid panel
TT, FT, E2 SHBG and Prolactin should do it

Also… why are you running deca then ceasing it right as it starts to kick in? Then repeating same mistake with tren e? I would run the deca 12 weeks and drop the tren.

Interesting take on Deca only vs Deca/Tren cycle. Want to try Tren but not willing to run it long on first try so adding it after Deca, so modeling Greg Doucett’s cycle, tho lower dosage. Main concern is potential progestogenic sides and decision to run caber (or not).

This is such an odd setup. It makes it hard to determine when to check for prolactin issues because the deca/tren overlap is a few weeks, but not necessarily at the peak levels of either. That being said, I guess week 10? The deca will still be present and the tren e will be kind of lagging at that mark but still should give you an adequate enough to make your blood work useful. But I’m genuinely just ballparking here.