Mid-Cycle Help? Tren/Ace/Sus/Tbol

New here. Ran a cycle a couple years back but no tren… Honestly never created a account always just creeped threads. Never asked for help because most ends in bashing but going to give this a shot…

Questioning my whole cycle. Did a lot of research for months and everything on the internet is so conflicting it was like I never really had a grasp for the amount of research I’d done. Met a guy and he was able to facilitate and set me up with tren ace 150 & sus 300 & tbol 20mg

Started with ace 100 3x week (300) & sus 100 3x week (300) and tbol I started at 20 and worked up to 60mg per day running for 8 weeks. I stepped up the sus to 200 3x week at 4 weeks in so now I’m at 600 sus a week.

Planned to run a 12 week cycle. Currently I have no side effects. No gyno no acne no sweats really maybe a lil on chest but nothing crazy at all. Only thing I’ve noticed is getting winded easy and I have a “tren cough” but it’s not the typical I just have a persistent random cough throughout the day here and there not excessive. Little irritation one cough type things is the best I can explain it.

Anyhow I’m really looking for serious knowledge critique here because I again have been searching for two days for some kinda clarity and I feel like a dog chasing his tail. Everything I find contradicts the last thing I read.

Btw I’m currently 6.5weeks in at the moment. Have hcg on hand and arimadex. Been taking hcg here and there inconsistently every week or so. Haven’t felt need for armi

Any help would be appreciated

While I’m not the guy to help you… what exactly are you wanting help with. Unless I missed it there’s no question in your thread?

If what I’m doing is correct or if my dosages are way off. I’ve seen crazy fluctuations in dosages in almost every thread and article I’ve read

The tbol is maybe a little high at 60mg if you’re planning on going eight weeks with it. But I’ve seen higher and longer, so it’s not unheard of.

The tren and sustanon seem like fine doses, especially if you’re not getting any bad sides. Being winded is expected while on tren, so that’s not surprising.

How is your progress? You looking better, feeling stronger, all that?

Thanks for your input. Yes shedding fat getting very lean and vascular. Bench has gone about about 25-35lbs for instance. Getting a lean while growing. Seems great but I really started questioning it and getting that paranoia happening that maybe I was to high or to low on the amounts… So many varying opinions enough research will make you go nuts.

You can drive yourself insane with data overload. The truth is that there’s always something you could have done better. Just accept it and do the beat you can with the plan you’ve laid out. It sounds like you’re making good progress and don’t have a ton of side effects. That’s sort of the perfect outcome for any cycle.

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