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Mid-Cycle Gyno, More Adex or Nolva?

I haven’t actually started the cycle yet so don’t worry :stuck_out_tongue:

My question is; if my nipples get puffy or sore or lumpy during my cycle, should I add more adex or start a low dose of Nolva? I’ve seen some people say more AI, and some people say throw in a small amount of SERM, looking for some insight here!

PS. I’m running a simple test/dbol cycle with 0.5mg Adex EOD and have Nolva for PCT, if gyno happens to show up should I push the Adex to 0.5mg ED or start poppin some Nolva?

Depending on your dosages adex .5 EOD should be more than enough. If you do experience gyno, continue with the adex as planned, and add nolva at 20mg ED. It could take several weeks for the nolva to undo the damage.

I just experienced some gyno on my tren/test/mast blast, added nolva at 20ED, it’s been about 10 days, lumps are 1/2 the size, sensitivivty is gone, but still somewhat puffy.

Definitely put in the SERM, increase the AI if you wish.

Ok guys thanks a lot!

Ok guys thanks a lot!