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Mid Cycle Boost


I am on week 4 of a 10 week cycle which is my first. I know this is a little backwards but here is how i've running it.

week 1-10 400mg test cyp
week 1-9 200mg deca

and heres the backwards part
week 4-8 20mg d-bol e/d

also taking proviron 25mg a day
thru out

and taking 10mg nolva with d-bol e/d

hcg week 11 500ius on mon and fri
week 11 100mg clomid e/d
week 12-13 50mg clomid e/d

I have had what i believe to be some really impressive gains n strenghth and size.

Heres where the question comes in, my buddy gave me a bottle of test susp. whith amout 7 cc in it 50mg. Does anyone think it would work well with everything else or would it be to much?


Maybe take your weakest body part and shoot it the day of that work out. You only have 350mg of a very short acting test.


If you think week 4 is backwards why do it?

Dbol is usually used at the begining of a cycle for a kick start.

What are you looking for?

This is just me, but I would just stick with the cyp and forget about the rest until you know how your body is going to react. This is your first cycle right?

Rome wasn't built in one day.

Just some thoughts



d-bol is usually used as a jumpstart....however,it could be worthwhile using it as you have outlined, your cyp and deca should be kicking in right about now and d-bol gets results quick, so you could experience a real boost.

IMO i'd save that d-bol for your next (there will be a next one) cycle and use it in the conventional manner. but its totally your call...either way would be ok.

forget about the suspension. for best results it should be injected twice per day....so you only have enough for 3.5 days. you could always go with the advice of shooting it before workouts though, but i doubt you'll get a whole lot out of it gains wise.


it's fine what you're doing with the dbol.. It'll have some nice synergy during the time you implement it.

Are you starting PCT the very week after your last Cyp shot? Uh uh.. bad idea... that's only 7 days after your deca shot too! Jesus christ bro.. learn about clearance times. Cypionate and DECANOATE take longer to clear than that.

You already had impressive gains off of Cyp and Deca on week 4? I find that hard to believe. That is a low dose as well.

The way you have it planned you end your PCT the very time you should start it. You're using HCG during PCT too.. it's suppressive.. Not structured well at all.


I'm going to agree with Ubi about everything except the whole idea of good gains by week 4. And that's only because he didn't say what he gained? Sooo...what did you gain.


Thanks for all the great info guys, I think i will use the test susp. at only 1cc=50mg before I woek out on legs. But about pct I was going to start one week after my last test cyp shot. I didnt think that was to soon because it would be 14 days after my last shot of deca, which has a half-life of about 17days. And one week after last shot of test cyp, which has a half life of aroung 8 days(roughly).
I figured if I start then with 500ius of hcg and then another five days later. With also starting clomid on the same day and running it at 100mg e/d for 1 week and 50mg e/d for the next two. From my figuring it seemed ok but of course I am new at this. Should I wait longer to start pct?


Sorry I didnt clarify. I have gained 10lbs and still have noticeable muscle definition but htey have gotten smooth looking. So I am running proviron through whole cycle. Also squat has gone up 40lbs, bench about 30. And also people in the gym are really starting to notice and some are making comments, which are making my head swell a little but I still have only told one guy Im doing a cycle and he is my partner and is about a cycle in a month.


You are misunderstanding half life. Half life is the length of time it takes for the amount of the substance you put in today to reduce to half the amount. In other words to get the Deca down to the point where it is non suppressive you may need to wait 2-3 half lives (which for a drug like Deca could be a hell of a long time)depending on how much you have in you. As I understand it if you put 1000 mg in you on date X. You've still got 500 mg still in you after the expiration of the half life (you are no where near clear). The real bad news is you've got still 250 mg left in you by the end of your second half life and 125 mg in you by the expiration of your third half life. This is of course assuming you stopped intake at date X. Go to Roidcalc.com to see how this works. This is my underestanding but if I've learned anything on this we site it is that I am an idiot.

Anyone know where to find out what levels various drugs need to get down to before they are non suppressive?


Your right I did have half-lives misunderstood. Thank you for making it plain for me, I do think I will have to change my pct just a little bit. Basically just wait longer before I start, so thanks brother.

Oh by the way I tried that test suspension while I worked my legs yesterday and I got and awesome pump. I thought that with all the ohter gear I'm taking it might help if not for anything but to add some intensity to my workout for a few times.