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Mid Cycle and Fighting High Estrogen

I am in the 4th week of a 12 week testosterone and dianabol cycle.l Have been running 500 mg test e and 30 mg dianabol every day along with 12.5 mg aromsasin eod to combat estrogen. I have been fighting high estradiol since before I started the cycle. Ran a test only cycle last year and recovered nicely with PCT with tha exception of very high estradiol. Got bloodwork done yesterday and my testosterone is >1500 and liver enzymes are high due to the dianabol I’m assuming. The alarming thing is that estradiol is at an 88 when it says the maximum end of the normal range is about 46. I’m starting to wonder if the aromasin I got is fake.

While it came in a Pfizer it could be counterfeit. I have some letrozole that I know is g2g because their Nolva and clomid worked wonders for my PCT last time. My question is what should I do at this point to get estrogen under control. While I am not experiencing any estrogen related sides like gyno I feel like it will hinder my gains if I don’t get it under control. I’ve heard the letrozole can be too strong and cause estrogen levels to get too low so just looking for some guidance here. Should I take the letrozole instead of the aromasin at this point and if so at what dosage? Thanks!

Just to clarify I am running 500 mg test e a week and 30 mg dbol every day for 5 weeks

If it were me, I’d run the letro. Dbol is notorious for E2. I got gyno from my first cycle cause I let my Estrogen get out of control.

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What dosage would you suggest?

I looked an article by Bill Roberts and he suggests 0.36 mg/day up to 0.7 mg/day depending on how much test you are running.
I would start midway in that range and see how you feel and maybe get blood work after a month or so

Dbol is notorious for Oestrogen. I did read somewhere also that it converts to a more potent form that AI’s cannot combat, not sure how true this is. That is a heavily aromatisation-prone cycle, I’m not surprised you are having problems.

Also, using Test E is not a good idea either because any adjustments that you make take time to take effect which sets you up for a rollercoaster. I would increase your AI and stick to that dose for a week keeping all other variables constant till you get to a dose which is suitable.


I just had a similar problem with a 600mg/wk test 400cycle as i can’t get bloods where i’m at. I tried to use dbol to break through a mid cycle plateau. Which was not smart without a blood test to see where you’re levels are at. If you have the opportunity do it it will only help your cycle. To combat my foolishness I took 40mg of tamoxifen twice, a week apart to keep from it going to my nips. And I upped my aromasin dose from eod at 12.5mg to 25mg a day as I’m still seeing good gains (probably in part to high estrogen). In future I will not be combining dbol with a long ester test. Test propionate or cycle starter only for me.

So, I’m currently doing a cycle of dbol and this time. I’m running Masteron with it. I read that Masteron will help prevent the E2 effects on breast tissue. Sure enough it seems to be working. I’m taking 60 mg of dbol/day and no gyno, no soreness, no nipple tenderness, etc. My mass gains are not as high as predicted and that may be attributed to the Masteron but I still added 10 pounds and no gyno.

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Thats interesting. I’ve contemplated adding masteron to a cycle

Masteron is fantastic. I rarely run a cycle without it

I’m a believer too. However, while not being prone to male pattern baldness, my lovely wife was pointing out the receding hairline the other day! Probably attributed to Masteron.

Blahaha. I’ll tell you I’m happy I shave my head. It makes all that shit way easier

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