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Mid Cycle Advice?


Apologies if this is in the wrong sub forum…

After some external advice on my current mid cycle position/dilemma so to speak. Previous History below…little long winded…get comfy!

First Cycle 2001 Dbol DS… Abused it, got gyno, Hand lumps removed… lesson learned!

2nd Cycle 2009 - 500mg/wk Prochem Test E

3rd Cycle 2011- Test/Tren 500/400

Long break little Over 5 years after due to loss of my daughter, got fat (42” jeans!!), 245lb, drank, looked like I drove past every gym basically…

Returned Jan 2016, steadily lost weight, down to 209lbs (33” waist). Ran SIS Anavar 100mg/ED for 8 weeks May 2017

Gall bladder surgery took me down to 196lb end of Aug 2017

Slowly put quality weight on and wasn’t sat at 208lbs when I started…34” waist

Back to the present Cycle/issue…

The original plan was/is SIS Test E 300/ml

Diet 2900cals training days
Diet 2600 when off

Fairly sedentary job and not that active.

Wk 1 - 1200mg/Wk
Wk 2-12 @ 600mg/Wk
SIS Anavar 100mg ED Wk 1-4
Wk3-14 500iu HCG
Arimidex 0.5mg M & Th

PCT Clomid/Nolva/Aromasin

Currently in Wk7…

Weeks 1-4 were great, awesome even, weight went up, and went up fast!!

Weeks 4-5 and I knew something wasn’t quite right, blood pressure was high! Could hear it when’s I sleep LOL!

Week 5, Went to Docs and he assured me that it was increased carbs @ 350g/day and elevated estrogen causing water retention which in turn was causing the issue…he advised either expensive prescription meds or 300mg Asprin ED…Weight was at 230lbs/35” waist, not quite a moon face but could see I was full and pumped lol

Increased Arimdex to 1mg EOD, & Nolva @ 10mg ED, & Asprin, weight leveled off and BP slowly reduced.

Still felt full, but without the pounding heartbeat…

So now I’m running per week
600mg Test E
Arimidex 1mg EOD
Nolva 10mg ED
500iu HCG M/Th
150mg Asprin AM/PM
2g Celery Seed Extract ED

Planned to take Week 6 off to rest and glad I did… household was hit with Norovirus… wife, two boys and me… battered!

Certainly removed ALL the water I wasn’t holding and more! Three days and now I lost 10lbs!

Anyway, Week 7, back to gym, woke up Tuesday… manflu! Thanks to my two germ magnets bringing it home from Nursery

Now, I’m sat at 216lbs, 8lbs heavier, noticeably leaner and at a quandary…

Sitting Week 7 out of the gym, will rest and shift the cold.

Do I continue through to Wk12 now that the water retention is resolved, and amend macros which I have done to help grow but not batter me with lots of water or draw line, start PCT in 15/16 days time and start again in Feb/March?

I’m thinking the bout of Norovirus has helped me somewhat and is almost a bodily reset for me and I’ll continue to possibly add another 2-3lbs?

Long winded I know and apologies for that…



Appreciate it’s a few words to read…