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Mid Cycle, Add Tren to Burn Fat While Bulking?

Hey im new here, im 5’11” and between 215-219 depending on the time of day i weigh myself. Im currently running 500 test a week, 600 eq a week, and mast at 150 a week, and anadrol 50 every day, been on for a week and a half, and running the anadrol for a total of 4 weeks. Ive been on for about 8 weeks, and am considering either adding tren 250 a week or switching the eq out for the tren. I have been bulking at 5000 calories a day and am about 17-20% bf. I wanna know if the tren will burn some fat, while being ideal for bulking at the same time or even make the bulk more efficient then the eq. Any advice or experience at all would be great, i have never ran tren before

First, how old? How many cycles? Rough workout history? Compounds used?

Now, why so many compounds!?!?!?

I myself do SOMETIMES run a Trinity stack with an oral at the end but I am 5’11 235lbs and below 10% body fat with years of experience with AAS.
You could be at a point where your stack is a ok idea but that body fat is high even if you were doing a dirty gain. For clarification that body fat precentage would be sort of understandable at the end of a dirty gain. But once we look at your rough lean body mass I have to say I think you are using too much or too many compounds.

As far as the tren question and this is coming from someone who LOVES tren. The fisrt time you use tren it needs to be just tren and test and you shouldn’t even think about it until like your eighth or tenth cycle. It is just it’s own animal. It is a progesterone which has it’s own kind of gyno and issues and you want to add it in along side of anadrol another progesterone. BAD IDEA! Never use tren for the first time in a stack with anything else besides test.

Seriously if you are not gaining with what you are currently doing then either you have diet/workout issues or your gear is bunk. You didn’t say you were not gaining but I can not figure out why you would want to switch or add another compound.

For the record EQ tends to take a little longer to build up in your system and get going. At week 8 if you stop it then basically you just got to where it starts to work well and then stop.

Im 23 and this is my second cycle, i started this cycle at 200 lbs same body fat so im gaining well on it, ive put on only muscle as far as i can see. And the mast i was told by my body builder friend who is also my source that its good for hardening up the muscle and keeping water weight off while keeping the estrogen at bay, I’ll say it has kept the estrogen at bay as ive seen no sides at all in that department. I guess i was thinking tren cuz i was thinking it would burn fat while i still continued my bulk, im eating clean and making steady gains but with the amount im eating i havent seen any fat come off. Do you think i should just wait until my bulk is over and then do a tren and test for my cut cycle after?

Awful lot of guys will tell you that bulking on tren is hard because it kills their appetite, whereas EQ tends to increase it. Hard to say how you’ll react, but I would stay the course for now. Let the EQ do its thing and see what you end up with. Keep an eye on your bp with EQ and drol both being run at the same time.

I am getting a more complete picture now.

First, four compounds on your second cycle. Please refrain from blindly following your sources recommendations. Your second cycle should still just be a test only cycle. Then you only try one new compound per cycle. That way if you have some weird reaction on cycle you know that most likely it is the one new compound that is responsible. You are already in the cycle so who cares, just know that for future reference.

Yes masteron does help your harden but pretty much any and all DHTs do that, at least to some extent. It does have an “anti estrogen LIKE effect” but in no way should it be used as your only estrogen control. That masteron is not doing enough to actually control the level of estrogen in your body. You still need an AI. Some guys never show high estrogen side effects. Some don’t show until the emotional sides come out. Some don’t show until the libido crashes. Ect. Again, you still need an AI, or at least you should have some emergency AI on hand just in case. No one wants a limp dick and bitch tits.

You did not mention an AI or aromatase inhibitor. Since you are obviously liking AAS’s enough to use what you are using then please read up on AIs and why we use them. The main three are arimidex, aromasin and femara. Those are the trade name’s not pharmacutical compound names.

As far as building muscle and or burning fat, that is controlled with diet. Using any compound as your main way to build or burn fat never works worth a shit. We use the compounds to help get more out of a build or cut. Again diet controls that. Just so you know even if you are using an AI at least about five of the pounds you put on this cycle are water. Basically any type of injectable will make you retain at least some water, or so they say. The longer esters typically make you retain more water and you have two in your cycle that definitely will make you retain water. What I am getting at is once you are off cycle the water weight comes off and you will see more definition that the water is currently hiding or covering.

I don’t even want to know if the mast EQ and anadrol are all new to you on your second cycle.

A good rule of thumb when dealing with anything in the AAS or body building world is be skeptical of any advice coming from a source that is trying to sell you something. This includes over the counter supplements as well. They typically are selling stuff to make money so that is their goal with everything they do,…money! It is your body and life on the line. Verify everything and never stop trying to learn more.

You current dosages should be a good combination to allow you to gain some quality mass while loosing some fat. Again your diet controls which effect shows more at the end of your cycle. Really for what I think you are after EQ would have been my recommendation. There is no need for tren. Save the tren for when the other compounds are just not giving you enough regardless of dosage, as in many many cycles from now. Your first time on any compound is usually your bodys best or most significant reaction to it. You need to save that first time reaction to as many compounds as possible. If you are in this for the Long haul then pace yourself and use that “first time reaction” as smartly as you can.

You have what you need and if anything you could drop the anadrol. All you need to do is eat right, train right, and sleep right to get what you want. Again, one last time, NO TREN!