Mid-Blast Blood Work

Hi all,
I just got the prelim lab work back that I did mid-blast… It’s probably a mini-blast by most standards, but here’s my current protocol:

400mg total test-C weekly (200 2x weekly)
130mg deca weekly
50mg anavar daily
37.5mg aromasin weekly (split into 3x)
1050IU HCG weekly (split into 3x)

My lipids don’t look great, but I don’t know if the values are alarming per se or just par for the course on a blast with compounds that can negatively impact those values. I’m hoping to leverage the expertise here for some more insight.

Liver values are a little bit elevated, but they don’t appear too far outside the normal range from what I can tell.

Free testosterone is over 50… which would seem like a good thing?

A few notes for reference:

  • I’m 34 days into a planned 60 day anavar cycle; my intent is to go back to a 250 weekly cruise dose of test and drop anavar and deca entirely during the cruise. I may reinstitute deca due to really dramatic joint improvements I’ve realized while on it.

  • My pre-blast blood work values for total cholesterol, HDL, and LDL, were 217, 36, and 142, respectively… but those may have been skewed because I was not fasted. Liver values were just barely in range (SGOT 39, SGPT 38). Free test was 18.7.

Thanks for any and all feedback.

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Horrendous lipids. Horrible. Really bad.

See links for two prior threads for more info.

Lots of good info in those…trig/hdl-c ratio (read up).

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Thanks. That was really informative.

In your opinion, is the right answer to drop anavar, supplement to provide lipid support, or some other option?

Your liver is fine.

Depends on your goal. If you want to nuke your lipids and create nasty pro-atherogenic profile you are doing great. Otherwise just aint worth it in my opinion. Risk /reward is way backwards if you plan on doing this chronically. Drop the oxandrolone if you value cardiovascular system long term.

Also assess MINIMUM effective dose of AI.

Also for on cycle your TT and fT assays are useless. Run LC/MS-MS for TT and equilibrium dialysis for fT. Or take former and SHBG and estimate using vermeulen calculator. These tests are useless for the stuff you are running (interference, accuracy, etc.).

Worth the time to listen to whole thing.

I’ll be honest; I don’t even think I’ve seen a big change from the anavar… so I agree with your risk/reward comment completely. I’m leaner, but I’m also training and dieting hard.

The AI is something I could look at. I changed recently from amridex to aromasin and kept the dosage relatively equivalent (i.e. 1.5 pills per week). I have seen the emotional impacts of estrogen in the past, so I think I’m a bit sensitive to it and do better with it held low… but I have the presence of mind to recognize when what I’m feeling is estrogen, so I was able to make the appropriate adjustment back then.

One more question… does this reaction to anavar (often deemed one of the safest and most mild orals) imply that I generally will not respond favorably to ANY orals or is there another that you would recommend? With respect to goals, I don’t care about being massive, but I’d like to continue to gain appreciable strength through my 40s and 50s. “TRT” wasn’t getting me there; I feel like I’d probably reached my natural potential after 23 years of resistance training and athletics.

Dropping the oxandrolone and assessing AI seem like good bangs for your buck. I would drop orals altogether given what i think your goals and risk profile seem to be. See what other suggestions you get. Oxandrolone and stanozolol will crank on most people’s lipids. Mild and safe sounds good when referring to oxandrolone but 50 mg/day ain’t exactly same as therapeutic dosing based on clinical indications. I tilt toward keeping your heart in good shape based on past mistakes or just bad luck.

Also, I won’t bitch about the nandrolone here but there is a thread for that too. Watch that BP, RHR, and HRR!

Take care.

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I never understood the point of doing blood work mid-blast. Its a blast. Blood work is supposed to be shit. Why do it? To see that its shit? You didnt need blood work for that. Tell me what you are on and ill tell you that your blood work is probably shit. If ones blood work would be good on a blast he would be on fake gear.
Everyone knows that blasting is not healthy. Im not sure what people expect to see when they do blood work mid-blast.

As far as your cycle goes, now thats where i could comment.
You take deca, so that means you are bulking and probably look like a hyppo. Why would you take a leanness finisher(anavar) ?

Yes, you need to be in single digit bodyfat for anavar to shine. Taking it with deca is like drinking a bottle of vodka and than drinking a detox tea for liver support on top.

Now next thing… the deca dosage. Probably does nothing. Unless you are small and weak and undertrained, way under what you could have gained naturally, that dose of deca does nothing. Also keep in mind, it takes like 5 weeks for deca to do anything at a normal dosage and you planned like what? 60 day cycle? The deca will be barelly starting by then.

Anavar is “mild” when we talk per mg basis. The problem with anavar is that when you take it like normal people do, who actually benefit from it, its not mild anymore because of the dose. A person who would take 30-50mgs if dbol will take 100mgs of Var and think its mild. Its not mild at that dosage.
It is mild when you compare 10mgs of var vs 10mgs of anadrol maybe. Keeping in mind most people will take up to 100-150mgs of anadrol. Then take 30mgs of var, get nothing out of it and call it mild.
Your dose of anavar is ok-ish, but i believe you are not in such a shape to see it shine, and taking it with deca, IF the deca does anything at that dose, it just counteracts. Deca bloats you. Var gives you a dry and pumped look when you are lean. Basically your deca covers your anavar. Whatever anavar does, is UNDER what the deca does or under the fat. Thats why you dont see it.

As far as blasts go and people doing these retarded low doses, i can share my opinion…
When i blast, my cholesterol goes to shit but it only can go to shit as far as it can. Like at one point there is nowhere to go. At least for me, my HDL to LDL ratio is 1:6 and then it stops getting worse.
So i would never fuck my cholesterol up for a 1/4th of the deca dose. If i walk around with garbage levels of cholesterol, i would do it for being on grams of gear and getting gains. You are walking around with worse cholesterol than mine, while being on like half the test and 1/4th of 19nors, and half the orals.

Im definetly not saying you to up the dose now. Im just asking if that cholesterol is worth being on that deca dose? You are basically getting AIDS without the sex… If you are getting AIDS at least get it like Charlie Sheen, right?

But this is just my opinion. Im not saying i own some sort of truth or whatnot. Just the stuff i believe in and do myself.

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His lipids don’t look like that due to the 130 mg/wk of nandrolone decanoate. Just to clarify.

Good to see blood work so guys see what they are doing to themselves.

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I’m with @hankthetank89 in testing mid-blast. What do you expect?

It would be beneficial if you tested pre-blast, last week of blast, two weeks after blast, and two months after blast. At least I would appreciate seeing how your numbers changed.

Do you TRT after blast, PCT after blast, just stop everything, or cruise at higher than TRT levels?

It would be informative to know what your lipids are without AAS. You might have horrible genetics.

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Yes, im sure he doesnt even get the bad sides of that dose, but i was mostly saying about picking stupid cycles of super-low doses with no benefits while still getting bad cholesterol.


I’m fairly lean; I don’t know if I’m single digit body fat. I was taking the deca before I added anavar and increased testosterone primarily for joints and I will say it has been spectacular for me in that regard. Previously, I’d develop bad elbow tendinitis after a few heavy intense upper body sessions if I wasn’t unreasonably attentive with soft tissue work; after being on deca for a while, I haven’t had a single instance of elbow pain. I concur that I’ve seen little to no aesthetic changes from the deca at that dose.

As for why I did the blast blood work, as @readalot implied, it was really just to know the current state of my body. This is my first blast and I wanted to make sure there wasn’t something so bad that I was acutely at risk of something serious and preventable. My intention is to do another set of labs a few weeks after I go back down to my cruise protocol to make sure everything goes back to good.

Really what I was looking for with the anavar was something beyond TRT that would help me gain strength without androgenic side effects; I don’t have a need to be monstrously huge. I play a lot of sports and I prefer a very high strength to bodyweight ratio.

If you have an alternative suggestion (whether it’s a different oral, different injectables, or strictly a higher dose of test), I’m interested in hearing from the more experienced voices on this forum. I don’t plan to (or want to) live to 100, but I also don’t want a host of health problems in the name of muscularity. Those are the tenets that led me to my current protocol.

Thanks for the feedback.

These are nothing to feel good about. How old are you? Do you do cardio? (that will raise your HDL some)

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You should really see anavar on this body unless this is what you have WITH anavar.

And it doesnt?
Var increases my strength better than tren does.

I would definetly try upping the test and see what that does to you.
If you want orals, you can try Stanazolol - its better than Var, but also a bit more toxic. But that is what most athletes take tho, in sprinting, baseball, football, MMA. For some people it does dry up the joints(not for me) but i understand you are taking deca for it.

You can also up the test a bit and up the deca, and drop the orals. See what that does.

For pure strength - high test, deca or tren from injectables, anadrol or dbol from orals is classic, but the better the drug the higher the risk in many cases.
Anyways, unless there is a huge problem pending, and you know your artheries are clear and heart is checked, you wont die by trying any of these for 3-4 months.

I’m 41. I am very active, but I haven’t historically done much steady-state cardio. I do a lot of interval training (sprints, basketball, etc.) and I lift weights daily.

I don’t know if those pre-blast values were bad because I wasn’t faster or bad because I have a pre-disposition for or lifestyle that contributes to bad lipids.

my grandmother has had 8 times the normal LDL all her life and she just hit 80… the one problem she doesnt have is anything heart related… some people just have different numbers for stuff.

like my gf has BP of 80/50 as normal…

And that is welcome news, I know.
But off Deca is quite another story. You will be right back to the same elbow pain. And if you got stronger, you are likely to have it accompanied with greater pain.

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I’ve definitely seen strength gains from anavar, but maybe not as pronounced as I expected. I’m adding several reps per week on all exercises. I’d read to expect 10-15% increases in major compound lifts on a first anavar cycle and I don’t think I’ve seen anything close to that.

I’ll have to do some research on anadrol and d-bol. My choice of anavar really lied in the low toxicity, but given the previous comments about that being less applicable at a 50mg dose… perhaps I need to widen my considerations. Are there any particular orals that are less prone to crashing lipids than anavar?

I’ve read about the return to old pain once cycling off deca. I think I read it here (maybe from you, haha) as a lurker… so I expect that. I know how to manage it with myofascial release, but unfortunate it doesn’t seem to be something I can avoid entirely. The temporary relief has been quite welcome.

myea, no… i dont think anything does that… like if you bench 405, you would bench 460 on anavar? mmmmnope.
nothing adds 10-15% to strength unless the person has never trained before.
Steroids give you and extra rep or two for rep work. And you feel more explosive and more stability on big lifts. Maybe a rep here or there also.
Definetly not close to 10% increase… Imagine adding 60lbs to your 600lbs dead just by taking 50mgs of var, lol… even a gram of tren cant do that.

No, orals are known to thrash lipids.
But if you do cardio and have a healthy and checked heart idk if thats THAT big of a deal.