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Mid Back/ Trapezius Development Help

Hello everyone. I usually dont post on here, but I definitely will start doing so more often. I’ve read many many articles from this site, so im nnot new to the site. Im having a problem developing my mid back and traps. I recently started working out my traps because before I never really felt them working, so I just stopped working them out directly and have stuck to the basic lifts. I stuck to the basic lifts and progressed on them as much as I could but that has made my body come up with some imbalances. I was a swimmer in high school so everytime I try to target my mid back or traps I feel it more on my lats and rear delts. If anyone could give me some advice I would appreciate it.


I like these in addition to shrugs and pull ups.

I do plenty of standing face pulls. And i always feel it on my rear delts as well. I dont know if doing them seated will have a difference but I’ll definitely try them out. Thanks for the advice.

Do some rowing movements with your elbows flared out pulling toward your chest.

As an example you could put a lat pulldown bar on the seated cable row station, grip about shoulder width and pull toward your chest NOT your stomach. Elbows flared = mid traps/rhomboids, elbows tucked = lats. Feel the stretch in the target area between reps and initiate each rep by starting to bring your shoulder blades together, not with momentum.

Try using a higher angle from the ground when you do rowing movements. Do your rows more as yates rows than parallel rows (though you don’t have to be quite as vertical as the lifter in this video)

Alright those 2 suggestions sound pretty good. Thanks josh and blaze. Ill try those out. I really need to bring up those areas because I feel like im wide enough, but im missing that upper back thickness.

Heavy deadlift variations.

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er, shrugs?

Yeah i have done and still am doing deadlifts. I never feel it in my traps tho. Always in my hamstrings and lower back and glutes. and yeah thats vida guerra. Bomb as fuck. haha


stats(weight on back exercises, bodyweight, and other exercises)?

this’ll tell us if you specifically need mass in your mid back or all over!!!

^^ this.

/thread until then :slight_smile:

Alright well I’m 5’8 and 175 lbs right now. I can do over 6 pullups with at least 70 lbs attached to my legs. over 20 pullups without any weight. I do a chest supported row with around 4 plates. I bench almost 300. I deadlift almost 4 plates on each side. squat around 3 plates on each side. I know I am still skinny but proportionally my upper/mid back is lagging.

I am alright in the strength division I think, but it seems like every back exercise I do targets my lats and rear delts. I just tried behind the back shrug with a barbell with a 2 second pause at the top, and I bring my arms up as high as i can. It seems to work pretty well, but it felt like that would still not help bring up my mid back.


Upright rows or high pulls. Have you ever done any cleans?

I don’t have any pics. I have a pic if you click on my avatar but that was a few years ago. I’m sort of the same proportion but bigger. Sorry sounds stupid but I just don’t feel like putting up any pics. I used to do cleans but I feel like it fucks up my shoulder too much and cant lift correctly after doing them and same with upright rows. Those are weird movements for me. I used to be a swimmer so maybe that has to do with it. High pulls are good, but again they hit my rear delts. Idk I think ima stick with the behind the back barbell shrugs an d a few others and see how it works out. thanks everyone.

try dip shrugs to hit the lower traps.
Position like the start of dips, keep arms straight and shrug your body up and down; not as easy as it sounds!

As a finisher, have you ever tried doing shrugs - except in a different style? Try tucking your chin down and into your chest a little bit. It’ll actually reduce poundages a little bit, but it will hit the mid-traps much more than conventional-style.

[quote]SSC wrote:
As a finisher, have you ever tried doing shrugs - except in a different style? Try tucking your chin down and into your chest a little bit. It’ll actually reduce poundages a little bit, but it will hit the mid-traps much more than conventional-style.[/quote]

This will increase ROM and should be done always.

If you don’t “feel like putting up pics” but are asking us for specific help for a specific but as of yet unverified problem…fuck you sir.

That degree of laziness won’t get you far in this game.

ay hungry4more, i dont think pics help in my situation too much. I told you where i was lagging (traps and rhomboids area), what does a pic have to do with it. I gave you specific enough areas for help. By looking at my picture, its not going to tell you anymore than you can already tell me with these areas that I mentioned. so how about you just get the fuck out.