Mid Back Right Side Smaller Than Left

This isn’t an injury thread, more like a thread about injury prevention.

Like the topic says, my right mid back is MUCH smaller than my left side.

There are plenty of reasons why this might be.

  1. lots of sitting at an angle at the computer. Using the mouse and a keyboard instead of two mice makes it more comfortable to sit an angle instead of straight up.
  2. sleeping a certain way all the time. When I try to sleep to the side one of the sides feels more comfortable than the other one. Don’t remember which one
  3. Lack of flexibility. Tight hips probably. Generally need to do more stretching/foam rolling.
  4. squatting. The heavier it gets, when I try to stand back up I lean to the right… sort of. Here’s a video that shows this rather well although its pretty old.

I’m trying to fix all of those things at the moment(well except for the sleep… can’t sleep uncomfortably). Is there something else I can do to build up and strengthen the right side of my mid back?