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Mid Back Pops Hard During Deadlift


Two weeks in a row my mid back(center just at bottom of shoulder blades) pops extremely hard at the very top of the deadlift when I’m standing all the way up. The crazy thing is that I don’t feel any pain at all, I feel the pop and electricity flow through my back. The next day my back feels great. The pop is so forceful it feels like someone hits me in the back with a bat or shoves me real hard. I went to my doctor, we did xrays and everything checked out fine. It Popped last week when I had 425lbs on the bar. Tonight I had 315lbs on the bar and it did it again. Hard pop, electricity shoot through my back down my hamstrings. Again, no pain but it really scared the hell out of me. Anyone ever experience anything like this?

Oh, side note, both times I did heavy squats before dead lifts. Not sure if that has anything to do with it.


Do you use a weightlifting belt?


Yeah I was wearing a belt. The pop occurs mid back 6-8" above my belt. Almost between my shoulder blades


This has happened to me a couple times as well. Weird sensation, not specifically pain but scary.

I’ve backed off deadlifting because of it. I’d be curious about why this is as well…