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Mid Back Pain


In the last few weeks I have noticed that during cardio especially on the cross trainer my mid back starts(lower t-spine and upper lumbar) to get tight and jacked up. It is not very painful and disappears completely after I get of the machine.

I go a thorough dynamic warm-up before I train and have really been diligently working on my hip and T-spine mobility to try to remedy this issue to no avail. My pecs and shoulders are also very tight as well, I don't know if it could be a contributing factor?


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Thanks for the response BBB. I have a session with a very good LMT this Friday and will ask about the trigger points in the diaphragm. I know that breathing is an important factor in exercises especially lower back issues which I have had plenty of (still do to an extent). How would I go about addressing faulty breathing mechanics or assessing if I have any?


I got had my LMT work on my diaphragm and have been working and breathing correctly., that ans stretching out my upper body is seeming to help. I also think some cross trainers just put your body in a bad position and contribute to faulty bio-mechanics