Mid Back Pain When Walking

I was diagnosed with a thoracic degenerative disc at T9-T10. I was told it mildly indents my spine but they didn’t wanna call it a herniated or bulging disc. I was told injuring disks in his area is very rare, I’m only 31 and am unsure how this could have happened.

I was also told I have either several penineural cysts or small nerve sheath tumors in my thoracic region.

Triggers are especially anything that compresses the spine, especially workouts like Overhead Press. Also walking, running, and jogging. Will feel fine walking for up to 30 minutes, then the pain gradually worsens to the point that it becomes severe in my mid-back region. I have a pair of crutches in my house so that when the pain gets bad, they allow me to continue doing chores around the house.

It’s very frustrating because this is keeping me from doing any prolonged walking, jogging, running, hiking, climbing, etc outdoors.

I’ve had a hellish time finding physical therapy treatments. Any ideas?

I’ve tried strengthening my erector spinae, strengthening my core, stretching my back, walking when I can, etc etc.

I should emphasize that outside of these triggers I rarely feel any pain. I don’t have “pain areas” per se, the affected area only hurts if I do one of the forementioned activities. Touching, rubbing, or even kicking them won’t trigger back pain.