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Microwaving Plastic


Will this have any adverse effects? I've read that since they're made for one time use with a cold products they may melt. I have never had this happen.

What I'm concerned with is some of the plastic leeching into the food. I believe this happens to some extent even under colder temperatures. I'm not sure if it would really reach a high enough temperature to be harmful, because a microwave can't really heat higher than the boiling point of H20 unless there is a bunch of sugar and fat in the food. I use these to steam frozen veggies and heat milk to make yogurt.

I figured some of you would have knowledge on this because re-using these containers is so convenient, and we all lovew cottage cheese.


Plastic contains a ton of toxins, and yes some will leech into the food. How much is a matter of debate, but there is no argument that the amount is greater than zero.

Your best bet is not to microwave in plastic. I'm not fanatical about it, but in most cases I try to microwave stuff in a container that isn't plastic.


There is some information about microwaving plastic on the following web site. Look the web page under the plastic wrap toxins hoax for what should and what should not be used in the microwave.



Your concerns are valid. Cy Wilson as well as Brock Strasser have written about this. Do a search.


Thanks everyone. One thing I found is that one of the plasticizers can have an estrogenic effect. Oops, now I know what's been causing these man boobs. Oops I've said too much.


Don't feel bad, most guys have man boobs now. I've had puberty-induced gyno for the past 16 years. It lessens the leaner I am, but it's hard to stay under 8% bodyfat. My bodyfat prefers to be in the 12-16% range. I figure that one day, I'll just get surgery to remove it. In the meantime, building muscle and working out keeps it less noticeable.


I'm sure there's some risk in microwaving plastic...but risk is my middle name!

Seriously though...don't we all have enough in this crazy world to worry about? Now we can't microwave plastic? There was this other thread that talked about the dangers of water bottles...scary! We also can't use cell phones or live next to power lines 'cause then we'll get cancer. Microwave your heart out and I doubt anything bad will happen...