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Microwavin' Eggs

Doesn’t really tamper with taste
Enables stove use for other things

Smells Bad
May do something to nutrients
Sometimes they pop and leave small egg infragments inside of the microwave

If I’m missing any feel free to add. Oh, and if you haven’t tried it yet, make sure you let others in your house know what you are about to do.

Funny you should post this. I just discovered the ease and greatness of steaming eggs.

1.)Put about 1 inch of water in a pot.
2.)Put steamer basket in pot
3.)Put eggs (usually do 4) in steamer basket
4.)Put lid on pot, turn burner to high
5.)Once water starts to boil and steam is flowing (you will learn to do this by sound), set timer for 11 minutes
6.)When timer goes off, run eggs under water to cool them, peel and eat.
7.)I have yet to overcook eggs like this. They come out perfect every time. No sulfur smelling green yolk, no problems.

Scrambled eggs. Enough said.

[quote]marty. wrote:
Scrambled eggs. Enough said.[/quote]

Right. Scramble them up then nuke em for appox. 35 sec. per egg.

[quote]marty. wrote:
Scrambled eggs. Enough said.[/quote]

FINALLY the 09 class is beginning to learn

To me, microwaving scrambled eggs doesn’t smell any worse than frying panning them. But it seems to be a common complaint.

I stir every 30 seconds because the cooking is pretty uneven, though.

i prefer to grill my eggs on a george foreman.

Get one of these:
http://www.amazon.com/Progressive-International-Microwavable-Omelet-Maker/dp/B0000CFPPD (you can get them even cheaper at Target). Works great if you have stay in hotels/travel/make food at work.

[quote]ucallthatbass wrote:
marty. wrote:
Scrambled eggs. Enough said.

FINALLY the 09 class is beginning to learn[/quote]

Easier, fried eggs sunny side up.

what I do is I start by retrieving the yolk. Start cooking the whites in a pan. Then I flip the omelette st the earliest possible moment. I put the yolk on it.Then I put the shredded cheese and the sauteed spinach and onion. This way I get nicely cooked whites and hot liquid yolk.

I do this every fucking day of my life

[quote]ucallthatbass wrote:
marty. wrote:
Scrambled eggs. Enough said.

FINALLY the 09 class is beginning to learn[/quote]
Don’t tar me with the same brush! :frowning:

Deffo stir every 10 seconds, gives a creamier texture. Nice with some full fat milk too, but don’t add salt until eggs are cooked or they just end up dry. Common mistake with omelettes too!

Egg white on fried eggs is just boring to eat, i prefer to crack the egg and when the white has started to cook, i pop the yolk and spread it over the white, but don’t cook it until it’s dry, leave a bit yolky. :slight_smile:

Microwave scrambled >>>> Pan Scrambled.

Read the same with Ommelettes.