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Microwaved Carb Options?

I will soon “only” have access to a microwave for cooking.

WHat carbs can I in the Microwave besides Oatmeal?

Can pasta and rice be made in the Microwave?

If so how is is done?

Sweet potatoes can be nuked. Just poke a few holes in with a fork, wrap in a paper towel, and nuke for 5 minutes or so. Also, veggies such as green beans and broclli. Just put them in a some water, maybe add some seasonings and they turn out great.

Put any veggies in a bowl (glass preferably) and add 2 tablespoons of water (maybe more for a large bowl there should be about half an inch (max) of water at the bottom.

Cover loosely and nuke for a few minutes.

As for pasta- you can boil water in the microwave so dont see why you couldnt put a pan or bowl of water and just add pasta to it, you should be careful that it doesnt boil over.


Frozen veggies cook in 30-90 seconds.
My favories are
Snap Peas
green beans

Just add enough water to cover, and cook until hot…don’t try to boil it or anything, then drain.

Oatmeal is a no brainer, add in frzen blueberrys for great taste (and little splenda)

It’s too bad brown rice requires so much cooking time, but you might want to consider cooking large batches, bagging/freezing indvidual portion, and nuke in some water to defrost/cook.

Water is they key to microwave cooking, as it distributes the heat better, and prevents hot-spots.

So how exactly do I prepare Rice & pasta in the Microwave?

Are they any foods that absolutely should not be cooked in the Microwave because they will turn out awful?

Practice makes perfect mate!

Bang in the water followed by pasta and let it go round for a few minutes.

See if pasta is cooked! If not, just cook it some more.

There is a lot of wisdom in the old saying “just cook it until its cooked”


PS surely there are some websites about microwave cooking. Another more boring possiblilty- go to a store that sells microwaves- the more expensive ones have pictures around the time dial e.g. chicken next to the 8 min mark. You might find a range of foods on there. Take a pen and paper and you’ll have it all there for you.



well pasta would probably usa alot of electricity if you made it in the microwave. my advice would of been yams or white potatoes, but i just thought right now if you have access to a microwave(dorm room?) you could pick up a rice cooker for like 20$ all you need to cook rice is rice and water with that.

I just cook 2 lbs of pasta at a time and store it in the fridge and either eat it cold with some sauce or reheat in the microwave whenevre I need it. Unless you don’t have a microwave or fridge (college, other factors) i’d say try that out.

I second sweet potato. I find that 7 minutes does wonders.

Pasta should work fine. Think Easy Mac. I’m not saying eat Easy Mac, but it is cooked in the microwave so cooking pasta in a microwave is an option.

My wife and I chop some russet potatoes and put them in a baking dish, spray them with some fat free cooking spray, shake a little seasoning of choice on them, microwave them for 5 minutes, take them out and stir them up, and then microwave them for 6 minutes. This is a nice addition to grilled chicken breast or grilled lean beef. Green beans, sugar snap peas, and snow peas are easy to cook in the microwave also.

Hey Guys,

Don’t microwave your veggies. It destroys all their nutrition - vitamins, phenols, carbinols etc etc etc. Hey maybe Chris’s mystery supp is some sort of Carbinol extract from Broccoli. Damn, I Think I got it!!!

Elliot Kolb
B.Sc. (Food Sciences), Ph.D (In progress)