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Microwave Safety


Just curious what everyone else thinks about this....seems to be a topic of interest lately....



Lately? I think it's widely known that microwaves destroy most of the nutrients in just about any food source. That's why I steam all of my vegetables and bake or at least use a skillet for any/all meat sources I eat.

Microwaves are only good for popcorn.


Looks like a steaming pile of bullshit to me.

I mean, did you actually read through the page. The "life force" diminished. Irreversible brain damage by eating such food.

Give me a break.

Cooking food changes it. Why should cooking in a microwave not also have the same effects?


Hey vroom,
have you ever done the microwaved water trick? Supposedly, if you microwave water, and give it to a seed planted, it will never grow into a plant.

Never tried it though.

I avoid the microwave for the simple fact I have no need for it. I grill/fry most things that need it, and i try to eat most of my veggies raw.


Yes, and if you take two cell phones and place them a foot apart, then call one from the other, and place a potato in between them, over the course of an hour... it will cook them!

Imagine what that does to your brain! (OMG)


I guess youre joking. I cant see how my cell phone can generate as much power as my 750 watt microwave oven. Or the fact that most of the comm signal is treated over the network. But Im no engineer either. Maybe theres a hidden extra companies don`t want us to know about.


The microwave changes water at the molecular level? Cool ! ! !

Could this water be used in cold fusion you think?


LOL @ this BS. Decrease in "life field energy" haha


I do know that microwaved (if that is a word) water can get superheated, and potentially explode. (Mostly just splashing boiling water all over you.)

Then it has been found that microwaving panties can help prevent yeast infections.

Heterocyclic amines are carcinogens created by cooking meat, and it has been found that meat partially cooked in a microwave for 2 minutes prior to cooking in another way had a reduction in heterocyclic amines by about 90%. (That's a good thing.)


I am not going to worry about microwaves until somebody produces real proof, not loony hype. There is way too much loony hype out there already. And I have not seen a drop in lifespan after microwave ovens became a common appliance.


"life energy field"
"magnetic deposits"

Micro-waving food may have deleterious effects on it, but this article is proof of nothing.


Early microwaves that did not rotate, used to superheat sections of liquids and when someone stuck a metal spoon in them it erupted like a geyzer (spelling?).


Anyone who has taken an organic chemistry course should know that this can happen with most liquids if they are not heated evenly. That's why organic chemists use boiling stones:


Boiling stones have tiny air bubbles trapped in them, which somehow aids nearby hot water to change phases when it gets hot enough.

I've personally heated a liquid on a steam bath, picked up the glassware to swish the liquid around and had it rupture all over my hands. Why? Because I didn't use boiling stones -- shaking it caused part of the liquid to suddenly change phases into gas. I think you can achieve the same effect as boiling stones using salt if you're heating water, but I'm not totally sure.

Here's some more on 'exploding' water at Snopes.com: