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Microwave Ovens Food Dangers



I got an email about the dangers of microwave ovens from a friend. It showed water boiled on the stove and one in the nuker. The water was given to 2 plant clones. One of course did well and the other died. The nuked water is supposed to have killed the plant that died.

Now what these people are saying is that nuked food is rejected by the body. Cause most of the particles in the food are warped by the radiation and the body rejects it and never absorbs the nutrients.

Whats your thoughts?? Stupid myth? Or new science?


so they poured boiling water on plants and they died? no shit!



Well, the body rejects toxins all the time. Nothing new. Comparing the simple makeup of a plant to the complexity of a human isn't a good argument. If we were truly supposed to eat as nature intended, we'd all be eating raw plants and game meats. Nearly everything we consume is processed in some way-- some of it detrimental to health.

Microwaving food is probably not the ideal way to prepare it for eating. But compared to some of the utter crap we consume, heating a plate of leftovers in the micro doesn't seem so bad. Everything in moderation.

Just for the record, I almost never use the microwave.

"I have a clock that occasionally cooks shit"
-Mitch Hedberg


Why not try it for yourself? That's an easy experiment.


thanks for giving me the idea for my daughters science fair project for next year.


Perhaps the real issue isn't the microwave itself, but the containers in which we are heating our food's in. Just a thought.


I don't see what the microwave is to have changed about the chemical structure of water that would make the body reject it? It's a pretty simple molecule, you would think any changes in it would make it completely unrecognizable as water in the first place?


I almost never use a nuker myself. I love stove top cooking.

I will make tea or hot chocolate. Or reheat food. Hmmm come to think about it. I use it quite a bit more then I thought. Cause I cook my food in bulk. Freeze it and reheat in the nuker. Specially at work 3 meals of 5 or 6 a day.

Now if these people are right could we be wasting food cause our bodies might be rejecting it. I dunno if lot of you guys make your meals like I do but this could really add up.

If you take 3 or even 2 meals a day over a month. That is lots of food your body is missing out on if its being rejected by your body due to radiation from this device.

Then again these people could be full of crap. Just trying to peddle some stuff.






Microwaves are banned in Russia?


if your body is rejecting it as you say, then where is it all going? wouldn't you have big lumps of undigested food in your feces? do you have the urge to vomit after every meal?

i think you're going to be okay dude.


along with happiness, blankets, and dark liquor.


I got nothing against the microwave, but I'm usually too lazy to re-heat leftovers.


LOL. Straight in with "Microwave ovens were originally developed by the Nazis". The Nazis? Microwaves must be evil then!

They aren't banned in Russia anymore, though.


This article is just complete crap. Even if there is any truth to these claims AT ALL, it is surrounded by a ton of bullcrap. Here are just a few things I picked out:

Well no crap. Any form of cooking significantly changes food nutrients and their bioavailability.

Radiolysis is the process of chemical dissociation from light waves. Yes this is a natural process, as is all dissociation. The air you are breathing right now is partially dissociated. This is really freaking stupid, and calling the resultant chemicals mutations is not only wrong, but propagandist.

Microwaves are shielded using a cage. That's what the crosshatching or dot pattern is on the glass door of your microwave. Try to melt a piece of cheese by placing right in front of the door of the microwave. Nothing will happen.

I'm not saying nuked food is more or less healthy than any other food. I'm just saying this article is complete BS. There are many many more important things to worry about when it comes to your health.


The only dangers I know besides cooking in stupid containers are how gentle microwaving heats things - aka, you can get water over 100C without it boiling - but when you break the surface tension by say, stirring it, expect to get blasted in the face by flaming hot water.

But really, I watch Ronnie Coleman nuke a carton of eggs and a pound of grits in every one of his films - he seems pretty OK to me.


I tried it. Drank a cup of water cooked on the stove and I was fine. Then drank a cup of water I microwaved and I died. So did my plants and my dog.

In all not really seriousness my mom has a microwave that appears to be made of wood and has giant dials on it and I don't feel comfortable being in the room when its on. I would guess the ones banned in Russia were pretty similar. Probably a wooden box with a piece of uranium hooked up to an extension cord.


fuckin LOL

i like this guy.


My only problem is when I go to use the microwave timer function and accidentally turn on the microwave to cook and there is usually a pyrex measuring cup in there and it explodes like a bomb.

I just did it again today. I'm going to have to get a new microwave this weekend because now it is f-ed beyond repair.