Microwave - Evil?

Does using a microwave to thaw out or cook food decrease the nutritional value of the food?
I personally use my microwave to thaw out frozen blueberries and various vegetables along with heating up my chicken, beef, pork etc…
A friend of mine swears against the use of microwaves. What are your thoughts and opionions and does anyone have any scientific data regarding the question?

Your friend is grossly misinformed. All a microwave does is excite the water molecules within the food, causing them to turn into steam. This is why microwave-cooked food can come out dry and limp, but it’s not robbed of nutrients in any way.

Just don’t microwave your food in plastic/tupperware.

Yeah, plastic melts. Use steel…

Last night my microwave tried to attack me with a knife. it fell off the counter and luckily unplugged itself. So, yes, i would say that my microwave is evil. You should have seen the elbow drop i landed off the counter on his ass when he was down. he wont be getting back up.


i thought u shouldnt put metal and reflective things in a microwave

I usually use glass plates and dishes

Glass is best.

You can buy covered dishes in various sizes for cooking frozen veggies, reheating leftovers, etc.

ANY good chef will tell you that steel or copper is the way to go. lol

Good one, Goldberg!

However, a guy of your size shouldn’t pick on something so small as a microwave. I challenge you to go a few rounds with the refrigerator…