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Microsoft Product Key?


So I am looking into buying another computer and they are offering a Microsoft Product Key for $170. Is this worth if? Are they cheaper (ie. free) ways of going about this.

I guess I could google but looking for 1st hand experience.


Is it business or personal?

If it's for business, get a legal copy of Windows, but I'm sure you can get it cheaper than that.

If it's personal, go download it off the net.


It will be for personal use now. I may use it some for work but I usually use my PC at the office. There are times I may need to complete a Word or Excel doc.

Do you download it from Microsoft?


Not if you don't want to pay.

It's going to have to be via a torrent or rapidshare site if you want an illegal copy, and don't have a problem with that.


You might want to look into how much it would be to buy Office. They have many different versions that you can get from student with the basics to pro that will have all the bells whistles.

The problem with getting a copy and key from someone is that MS has some new code in certain updates to see if you have a key that someone else has registered and it will turn your system down and ask for new keys.


If you are using it here and there to edit a document,
why not just download the free OpenOffice suite?

It can open and modify Microsoft-format files.
It is quite similar to Microsoft Office for non-advanced users.