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Microscopic... Art?


I found this absolutely amazing. I'm not even sure if I should believe it.



holy. shit.

sold it all for 20 million? and he can't read or write?



Can't read or write, interesting.

A human blood cell. Seriously?

Freaking insane.


That man should become a brain surgeon.


"i think i inhaled it" hahah...this is some crazy shit


That guy has patience beyond belief.


Damn......you listened to the part where he said that people made him feel like nothing, or something along the lines of that? Then he said "I'm trying to prove the world that 'nothing' doesn't exist'.

That's either bullshit or some really really deep stuff. I like to think its the latter. Powerful stuff.


It's impossible enough to prove the non-existence of something. Proving the non-existence of nothing must be twice as impossible.

However, it does raise an interesting philosophical and theological conundrum:

Proving that something doesn't exist is impossible.
However, nothing is impossible for God.

Would it be possible, therefore, for God to prove that He doesn't exist?


If you had some malleable metal or conductive material, you could totally make sculptures under an electron microscope.




I'll just comment on the static issue.

Well......the guy in the vid mentioned static as being an issue. This means that granule is so small that it's resistivity is negligible, hence can be considered as a conductor. If both the needle AND the metal / or conductive material he uses to scrape off the micro-sculpture have the same potential (say he earths both to a common point), then theoretically static would be nill and the static issue would be gone.

my 0.002 euros


I've read about this guy before. As I recall, he said that when he paints the sculptures he has to make each brush stroke between heart beats, because the pulse in his finger tips is enough to move the fly-hair brush.