Microplastics and Human Health

I see your Finnish sauna and counter with a Lakota sweat lodge.

Actually though, I didn’t know that those had those particular health benefits. Pretty neat. I remember reading that some Arctic tribes did sweat lodge/saunas for health/hygiene reasons but they wouldn’t have been concerned about plastic.

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It’s a nice thought, but I’m not sure the one plastic eating microbe (that I know of) could survive in the human gut, or what other health ramifications it could have.

It is a problem no doubt, however wild or free-range animals would also show signs of obesity, altered hormones, etc. since this is environmental and not strictly food. I have not see that reported. That said I literally do not trust anything coming out of the main stream (media or medical) anymore, it’s all done to raise Fear/Uncertainty/Doubt; sex and fear sell. For example, have you noticed increased “awareness” of low T now that TRT has become very profitable for the medical establishment?

The elephant in the room here for any type of metabolic disorder is probably seed oils; there’s both correlation and now causation studies indicating how harmful they are, and that is something the western world directly consumes in very large amounts.

Microplastics? Pfft! We do everything bigger in Texas. Deep fried even! In my chicken fried steak from a local restaurant :rofl:

I’m very skeptical of intractable problems that are used to create more regulation.

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Covered that a few months ago:

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I read an interesting article a few weeks ago. It documented how this topic – manhood is waning – has become a mainstream discussion with every new generation for the last 80 years or so. As such, I doubt that it’s a conspiracy.

I had to look at that pic several times. Initially very disturbing :wink:

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