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Micronized Creatine vs Regular


is micronized creatine a better mixer or is the word "micronized" just marketing hype? creatine tends to mess with my stomach and if the particles werent so big i feel like it might help me out, right?


From what I've read the only benefit is for people in your situation, who get an upset stomach. Other than that it doesn't offer any extra performance gains.


I use only micronized. The regular gave me bad bloating.


Dissolves easier/better which stops the bloat some get from not dissolving the other. Use hot liquid and its All good. Id go for the micronized its Cheap.


Yea, you basically get all the benefits of creatine, without the few small side effects of the origional stuff. No bloating, upset stomach etc... I personally hated the gritty stuff left in my mouth from regular when you get to the bottom of the glass, micronized does not have this problem. Hot is good too, I use green tea, ginsing mint to be exact.



I've heard a lot of guys ask this question. I do agree that micronized creatine should be a better choice, but you have to remember that creatine needs simple carbs for absorbtion. If you're not spiking your insulin levels, than you're not getting the creatine into your muscle cells.

If that's not happening than you'll probably always have intestinal problems.

Mixing creatine monohydrates into a hot beverage may help eliminate an accumulation of creatine at the bottom of the glass, but it's doing very little to increase the absorbtion into the muscle cells.


This is wrong. When creatine is added to warm liquid it is solubilized. So when you drink it it can be absorbed a whole lot better and the gut does not have to pull water in to dissolve the creatine which might just end up hanging around till its expelled anyway. In a way, you are jumpstarting creatines aborption.


This is a good point when suggesting that a hot beverage may decrease some of the intestinal concerns of taking creatine monohydrate, but why choose such a poor method to begin with.

I've seen 100's of creatine products that include dextrose and other sugars, but I've yet to see one that suggests mixing it with your tea, or coffee for absorbtion - which are both diuretics.

With all the advancements we've seen in the market in the last 2 years, there's no reason to have these types of concerns.


The original studies on creatine mixed it with tea. Tea and coffee are not Lasix. Your body can deal with a bit of mild diuretic just fine. And since one of the major effects of creatine is to make you hold (intramuscular) water, you should be drinking extra fluids while taking it anyway.

And really, in what 3rd world country can you even find non-micronized creatine? I haven't seen it here in years.


I got a gift card for GNC and got it there. Its pretty chunky, I think.

That was sort of my question. Is there a difference between something labeled "micronized" and something that isnt? I didnt know if it was just a marketing ploy.