microemulsion 4-AD-EC

Why not sell a new version of 4-AD-EC with this microemulsion technology? I honestly would be more likley to shell out the cash for a huge stockpile of a new 4-AD-EC. I wish I could afford this new MAG-10 but it’ll have to wait. Dam you guys should use this technology on just about everything. Methoxy-7 with microemulsion would become a permanent part of my diet, and I’m assuming Methoxy-7 won’t be made illegal anytime soon. Pass this one on to Bill and Tim, I know they’ll freak if they haven’t already thought about using the new process on just about everything to make it stronger and in the end most likley more cost effective. Oh please, please let me test out a new Super-Methoxy… I honestly don’t care if it makes me green and ten times bigger when I’m angry in preliminary testing. Seriously I would be a lab rat for that shit anyday.


From what I’ve read recently the ban isn’t going to be an all out ban. Basically it comes down to, that they can’t justify keeping prosteroids around, but they can justify prohormones. Translation: 1-test (A1-E) will go, but there’s a good chance 4-AD will be saved.

So here’s my guess, when the ban goes through, we’ll get the new 4-AD-EC.

just what i was thinking, bring on the super-mega-methoxy…

Fuck yeah, hell I think a combo of Methoxy-7 and the main powerhouse ingredients in Hot-Rox together with this microemulsion technology would be the be all end all supplement. Instead of frightening the FDA and congress with pro-steroids or anabolic compounds we can just stop catabolism, period. On a side note, fuck you old bastard congressmen who are probably on hormone replacement therapy! Fucking no nut having jerks offs, oh you got yours. Mmmmm-hhmmmmmm and do you even know what it does? Probably not. Sorry for the mini-rant.