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Microdosing Test/Deca Pin Schedule?

Hey guys, I’m new to the forum.
35 yrs old, 220 15% body fat. Training Olympic lifting (10 years), CrossFit (3 years), weight training (20 years). This will be my fourth cycle but first time microdosing.
I’m looking for a schedule for a test e / deca microdosing PIN schedule.

Looking to run test e and deca for about 14 - 16 weeks.

My question is I’m looking to get about 400 - 500mg test and 300 mg deca on a microdosing cycle. Should I PIN more than twice a week at that level or jump to 3x / week to keep levels more steady?

Any recommendation or advice would be greatly appreciated. If dosing should be different I would take recommendations of any kind. Thank you!

Both compounds have long half lives. I don’t see the benefit to pinning more than 2x per week unless you just enjoy the process.

If you switched out NPP for the deca you’d get more stable levels from a more frequent pinning schedule. But otherwise you can do 2x a week with test e and deca. What do you mean by micro dosing? You mean like taking small amounts each pin but still totaling the weekly numbers you posted?

I’m also confused. How can you use terms like micro dosing and 400-500 mg /wk in the same sentence?
I don’t see any value at all in pinning ~70mg a day, seven days a week of E or C estered compounds unless you’re just a masochist.

Thanks for the advice guys, I appreciate it.