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Microdosing NPP with Low Dose Test

Ugh, shit man I’m sorry to hear this

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Damn @blshaw I wish you a speedy recovery. Keep us updated as this time we can learn something as it is pretty safe to say it’s the nandrolone. Reexposition is a very highly regarded way to test for side effects.

Get well soon


What’s weird to me is how fast it happened. It took 5 weeks for Nand D last time. I expected the shorter ester to hit faster but not that fast.

That’s very interesting indeed.

In this case I’m not blaming the ester either as I don’t think the difference is pronounced enough to result in that change of timetable.

Maybe I got the time to think something through on this… right now my impulse is more on the side of l: your body made changes the first time around that last and elicit a faster response to the compound. Maybe epigenetic.

What was the exact time table?
When were your injections and when did you start noticing the sides?

I started a little higher than originally planned. Saturday 11/28 30mg, Monday 30mg, Wed 30mg, Friday 30mg, Friday night 12/4 soft erections… Sunday repeat. My desire still strong but I’m not getting cooperation downstairs. I’m wondering if I just need more time to get adjusted or if I should drop it.

I wouldn’t risk it. Just drop it.
You got a strong mind if you still want to continue, but I would not risk real deca dick.

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the wind whispers ‘trest’

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Lol. My ears are perking up as the wind blows…

How’s recovery going brother?

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@lordgains amazingly it took only a week to be back to normal. Thank goodness! Thanks for asking my friend.


Sorry it didn’t work out for you brother. Glad you have recovered so quickly!

@Professor_Hulk thanks for the kind words. Probably a stupid venture on my part so I’m glad it didn’t yield lasting negative results!

Eh, I wouldn’t call it stupid. Had it worked out ok it would’ve been a experience, but you couldn’t have known without trying.

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Thanks for the encouragement. I’m now confident that I will only limit myself to 3-400mg/test and possibly a light masteron dose from hereon out. My cholesterol and lipid particle size is off the charts bad. Thankfully I have no build up but I have to be mindful and even masteron has negative impacts as does high dose test.

How bad is “off the charts”?

Mast is arguably one of the harshest injectables regarding deleterious effect garnered towards lipids.


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and thats after TRT for several months with no cycling.

Have you considered the possibility you have a congenital disorder?

These lipids aren’t good, that’s for sure. Total is too high, HDL/LDL ratios are off and you have highly atherogenic subfractions… granted I’ve seen worse.

Have you considered taking statins, fibrates and/or any pharmacological method for cholesterol management

Indeed I do.

Starting a statin this week. I’m on the fence about them after some reading. But with my numbers I figure its the lesser of evils. The good news is my CAC showed clear arteries. The bad news is my numbers show Im a prime candidate for futre heart disease. Still… i’m almost 40 and the docs said I should have showed ‘some’ build up by now.

Why? Genuinely interested