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Microdosing NPP with Low Dose Test

I’ve posted a few times that I had a bad experience early on in my TRT protocol with prescribed Nandrolone. I ended up with moderate ED issues. I’m still on the fence whether Nandrolone was the issue as I was not properly dialed in. At the time, my doc lowered my Test dose from 140mg/wk to 80mg/wk added 140mg/wk nandrolone but kept the AI. Long story short when I experienced ED I ran labs and my E2 was almost 0 although Testosterone was adequate. I’m thinking it was the perfect storm. The thing is I looked amazing on this protocol but the ED wasn’t worth it so I reverted back to a few different protocols before settling on Test solo.

So several years later I am dialed in at 140mg/wk Test solo and feel pretty good. I was pretty convinced I would only run test/mast in lowish doses (300/300) twice a year for 8 weeks and thats it. However, I always made great gym progress with Nandrolone. I happen to have a couple vials of NPP and I was thinking of running 10mg/ed for a month to see what happens. If no negative issues I would bump it to 20mg/ed for the next month.

Thoughts? Am I being stupid? I figure if I get ED again I know it will go away in short order. It took 6 weeks on the long ester so I figured if it happens again it would be a little less with the short ester to resolve.

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For what it’s worth I was running test sus at 125/wk with 125/wk deca and had zero issues. Ran that for three or four months. It sure if it was low, ratio or if I’m just not susceptible to Ed issues on nandrolone. After a couple months I switch to a higher dose of deca and kept the test the same but didn’t notice a difference in the two deca doses. Ended up dropping the deca as I had bloodwork coming up which unfortunately the deca was t clear for so I had some splainin to do.
Not sure if that at all helps but just figured I’d give my experience

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I think you go for it. A low dose coupled with a short ester gives you a lot of room to get yourself out of trouble if any arises.

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You are testing the waters again pretty responsibly. I don’t see much potential for big downsides with your dosing.

My state is shutting down, but IIRC, you are in Florida, so that probably won’t happen. I have to decide if I want to keep my current blast going or cut it short (because after Friday we are shutting down gyms, bars, restaurants… for 4 weeks, but it will turn into 6 IMO, to get past the holiday season).

Yeah I’m in Florida and I don’t see that happening. However, if it does, I have full access to a private gym my buddy owns.

I have a decent gym at home. I also have another gym buddy with a solid home gym. Sounds like we are going to alternate workouts at each other’s houses. A few people without gyms are likely going to join in. Should make it a bit better.

Here is what I got. I just ordered an adjustable bench, rack weight holders, and some bands. I am going to get horse stall mats as well. I have 500 lbs of free weight, and I’ll probably bring a few plates over, and my buddy will do the same.

Not to derail your thread. I am interested to see if you get much out of the low dose.

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Nice set up! I don’t expect much out of 70mg/wk but 140mg/wk should make a difference. I did before!

I too am tempted by the forbidden fruit called nandrolone. It just seems to blow people up. If low dose = low risk, I may add it to a blast in the future.

Well I’ll be the guinea pig and let you know LOL

Sounds to me like you have a very measured approach. This time, only change one variable at a time (which you have already planned, but it often helps me if someone restates the obvious simply so I don’t second guess myself. I’m a classic overthinker).

Everyone is different, but I’m sure you know by now that I loved my NPP cycle and will absolutely do it again in the future. Even now I am running HCG only, until my eye heals, and I still have zero issues in that area.

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Nice setup mnben!

Germany is shut down since the beginning of November so I added the last thing that was missing in my home gym, a bench. Best investment in a long time.

@blshaw I need to think about this NPP thing a bit. I’ll try to give a constructive opinion later.

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Everyone responds differently but my Test/Deca cycle has been extremely effective with minimal sides. I’m on 240 test/wk and 150 deca/wk and I’m on week 10 of 15.

Total test has dropped from 1,000 to 900ish, with solid strength gains, some water retention not much. Sex drive has been through the roof.

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I was worried about ED with nandrolone but wanted to add a solid mass builder on my current blast. Decided on NPP for the reasons you stated, if I have issues hopefully it’ll clear faster. I’ve been pinning daily the past two weeks; 60mgs TC and 20 mg NPP, and I’m hoping after this week if no issues I’ll move to 200 mg wk NPP, TC at 420 mg daily injections. So far no issues, actually libido up, don’t notice any change with hardness. I do notice aggression that I didn’t get from TC alone. It’s only been two weeks but I don’t notice much of a change than when I did just TC alone last blast, I’ll ride it through the month so long as no ED.

I think you’re in a very special situation.

A. You tried deca at a low dose and had problems but they could stem from something else.

B. Your symptoms resolved in 2 months.

So in that case, if you’re using a low dose which you are planning on and you are titrating it up, I see less potential for missing the boat as you can pull out whenever something approaching deca dick settles in. The shorter ester is a good thing too.

But here are the problems:

  1. The compound stays a while at the injection site so even if you’re using NPP, you can’t get out of the cycle in 12 hours. It takes a few days until you clear every bit of it. It’s said to have a duration of action of 5-8 days.

The following pharmacokinetic parameters were found: a mean half-life of 6 days for the release of the ester from the muscular injection depot into the general circulation; a mean half-life of 4.3 h for the combined processes of hydrolysis of nandrolone decanoate and of distribution and elimination of nandrolone; a mean nandrolone serum clearance of 1.55 1 X h-1 X kg-1. The half-life of hydrolysis of nandrolone decanoate in serum was of the order of one hour or less. The data are consistent with linear kinetics.


  1. Deca dick is like playing roulette. You can get it even if you didn’t have it the first time.

  2. Nandrolone has a lengthy recovery time for the CNS

No evidence of improved racing performance due to nandrolone phenylpropionate administration was observed. Behavioural changes attributed to the drug could be detected for at least 6 weeks after the cessation of treatment.


It is just my opinion and I never took nandrolone and I’m not planning on doing it, so you can take it with a grain of salt, but I think there are better options.
Like I said you are in a special situation and I’d say your risk of having a bad reaction is minimized with your protocol, so I won’t strongly advice against it.
You are probably running a DHT derivative with it too, which I think falls under the category of better safe than sorry.

In your case I’ll give the deca experiment a plus/minus of 0.

I think there’s relatively little risk but there’s little upside in comparison to other AAS.

I liked an old post from our friend @iron_yuppie very much, he said:


Thank you for the in depth reply. You actually provided some key info I was looking for in that…

I thought that may negate the clearance advantage of the short ester.

It negates part of it.

Look here

I linked you in the post. Don’t know if you’ve seen it.

The study @readalot provided was about deca but some of it is applicable to NPP. The formation of small droplets in the muscle is one of them, in my opinion. The other is the travel through the lymphatic system.

Here, it is shown that the released prodrug (ND) is not hydrolysed locally (Chapter 6), but remains unchanged in interstitial fluid. Here, it is logical to assume that the lipophilic prodrug adheres to small proteins (<40 kDa) and subsequently drained with the interstitial fluid into the lymph vessels. Alternatively, it cannot be excluded that small oil droplets might be detached from the main oil depot (Chapter 4) and cleared through the lymph. In both ways, ND will end up in the final lymph node to enter the vena cava superior to meet blood cells in the central compartment. These blood cells will finally hydrolyse the prodrug compound to nandrolone.

So yes it’s a shorter ester but it’s not short time- and action-wise.

Edit: ups just saw I read your sentence wrong.
Yes you’re correct, I think it negates the faster clearance rate.

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My thoughts are:
A) you’re definitely not being stupid and…
B) Your previous run with it was about 1:2 ratio Test:NPP. I ran that ratio for about a month once, with no AI, and felt horrible. Didn’t experience any ED, but I can only imagine that I would have, if I had taken an AI, as you did. The plan you laid out has you titrating up to 140Test/70NPP, or 2:1 Test:NPP. I’ve also ran that 2:1 ratio, though much higher (385/175) and had the strongest libido of my life. But I never tried it again because I blew up like a whale and got crushing headaches. I should have started low, like you, at around 150/75.

My point? I think your idea is awesome because:
A)your main apprehension is sexual performance and, for me, 2:1 was waaaaaay better for the bedroom than 1:2.
B) your planned doses are conservative and should allow you to try something you’re itching to try, while theoretically minimizing sides
C) In my experience NPP sides, though I’ve never gotten ED from it, go away very quickly when you stop it.

Wishing you a great mini blast if you decide to give it a go!

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Thank you for the thoughtful feedback. I least I know what I’m getting myself into and am hoping my approach lessens the severity of potential sides. I’m not new to this game but have never tried this approach.

All, I appreciate all response and anecdotes. I’m not wondering if I’ll have sides, i pretty much know I will at some dose level. I’m hoping I can skirt under that dose threshold of severe sides and reap some benefits with lesser to maneagble side effects. Again thank you.

UPDATE to all…

One week in and erections are becoming shit. Honestly surprised it happened that fast. I expected it to take 2-3 weeks. I must be very sensitive to the drug or something. Well I’m very dissappointed and hope recovery is as quick. I guess its test/mast for me hereon out.

Yeah I hope you recover quick man. TBH, nand has really enticed me, but these stories just make me stick to test and short runs of orals.