Microdosing HCG & Menopur ( HMG )

So my current protocol is HCG 500iu 3 times per week + menopur 75iu 2 times per week.

I have removed testosterone as im trying for a baby.

I feel like shite , im reluctant to add testosterone as i know this will lower my count.

My question is will microdosing the HCG and HMG to a daily dose likely improve my symptons??

I have read good things about microdosing, does anyone have experience of this with HCG and HMG???

Or will microsing reduce the effectiveness of the treatment ?

I know some men feel fine on hcg but it just does not agree with me.

I qm considering if the micrososing does not benefit me adding testosterone on a low dose.

Any advice would be much apreciated !!

From what I know of how these work, I doubt it. 1500iu of HCG is a very low dose for mono therapy tho, maybe you just need more?

So i was on 1000iu 3 times per week but side effects we’re awfull so lowered the dose.

I think i need test , i was on cypionate and felt great but doc has advised to remove completely to get the best sperm count while we try to concieve.

I just feel zapped of energy and in a bad mood most of the time HCG does not agree me at all.

I generally though that the hcg and menopur would overide the test in terms of keeping my sperm production up anyway ??