Microdosing Effects & Detectability Length

Hey there, have searched heavily for this info with only the sketchiest luck…

Does anyone have solid info on how long after dosing that T from creams or andriol testocaps capsules can be detected in a urine test?

And also some sense of the side effects of just using low doses maybe once a week? i.e 80 mg of andriol(2 capsules) or one packet (50 mg) of testogel … Which is the same as androgel in the US.
The idea is recovery after a hard bout of endurance training. Trying to keep side effects low.

Even just information on how long androgel and adriol are detectable would be a huge help…

In Tyler Hamilton’s book, he says that he could put a patch on for a couple hours at night and then be good the next morning. So a small bit will probably have a 12 hour glow time. I don’t know anything on first hand experience, though.