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"Microdosing" Anastrozole for Overresponders

I wanted to see if any anastrozole over-responders here have had success in microdosing the drug.

I’ve been put on 120mg/week TE with 350 HCG 3 x per week. Pre-intervention, I had a total T of 330 ng/dl, and Total E of 24 pg/ml. Other numbers, keeping in mind I live in Canada and don’t have access to the full blood panels my friends south of the border enjoy.

Dehydroepiandrosterone [DHEA-S] 8.2 umol/L
LH: 3.1 IU/L
Prolactin: 10 ug/l
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone [TSH] - 1.71 mIU/L
Thyroxine Free [Free T4] 11 pmol/L
Triiodothyronine Free [Free T3] 4.8 pmol/L

My reading here has led me to believe that Iodine deficiency can be a major contributing factor to poor TRT results, and my thyroid numbers all came back “within range” but often on the lower end of that range, so I’ve been supplementing with a daily thyroid support pill that has 150mcg Iodine, Selenium, and several other compounds. I’m usually on the “perpetually hot” side of the spectrum and my outer eyebrows are bushy, so I don’t think this is causing an issue, but i figured better be safe than sorry.

6 weeks after beginning T-replacement with HCG, my Total T went to 904, but my Total E jumped up to 46. I felt amazing from about week 2 to week 5, but then started getting nipple sensitivity, irritability, etc.

The doctor put me on 0.5mg Anastrozole 2x/week. The side effects were awful - severe anxiety and irritability (worse than when i had high estrogen) and achy joints; particularly knees. Tried lowering this to 0.25mg 2x/week, and not much better. Unfortunately I did not have the ability to get blood tests during these two regimens to see what effect it had on my estrogen levels, again based on my Canadian geography.

I think its fair to say that I’m an Anastrozole overresponder, and even if i’m not i simply can’t tolerate the side effects of it, but I also clearly need some type of estrogen control.

My question: have any other anastrozole overresponders had success in microdosing? I’m considering dissolving 3mg anastrozole in 30ml Rye Whiskey (real scientific like) and using a syringe to measure out 1ml doses (0.1mg) or even 0.05ml doses (0.05mg) and trying it, and i wanted to see if anyone else has given this a shot?

You REALLY need to see what is happening with your E2 when you are on anastrazole. Don’t make the same mistake I did. I left my e2 in the 17 range for about a year, had achy knees and rode my mountain bike and totally screwed myself, Stopped all ai control in November, still cant squat or deadlift. Be careful is the point im trying to convey, especially if you are already getting aches in your knees. Mine haven’t recovered and im wondering if they ever will.

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I believe KSMan has suggested if you are an over responder to quit AI for 6 days and THEN start back up at a lower dose. You may have just crashed your E2. All those “side effects” point to a crash.

Thanks for the heads-up. How are things for you post-AI?

Im getting better, its taking a long long time. Messing with AI’s and e2 control has really screwed with my TRT. I currently take nothing, and have no issues at 40mg test cyp twice a week.

I’m taking 50 mg twice a week with NO AI ever and my E2 Sensitive test just came back at 27. Everybody is different I guess. What is your body fat %? Do you have a history of high E2? Are you tailoring your diet to lower estrogen levels?

I am microdosing anastrozole by disolving in Vodka. I am in the beginning of the process and still learning so I cannot say that I have had any success with it. As you, I suspect that I am an “overresponder”.

I started out with 0,05 mg/day for my regular TRT. My E2 went from about 33 to below 20 (unfortunatelly, the lab test I use does not measure E2 below 20 so it just reports <20). T was about 600. I suspected that my E2 was too low since I felt terrible and got all the symptoms many people report when having low E2 including no libido. Therefore, I discontinued the AI and after a while, I felt better.

After this, I went on to a short blast period where I tripled the T dose (I use gels). After about two weeks on the blast I started to feel pain in the nipples and got water retention but besides this, I felt great with good libido. Lab test came back T>1420 (lab does not measure above this level) and E2 around 65! Scared from the high E2,I started arimidex at about 0,1 mg/day and after a while, I started to feel terrible again and libido went to almost zero. My E2 came back at 24 with T still > 1420. This added to my confusion since E2 around 24 should be close to optimal according to what many people say at this site but I can only say that I feel terrible at this level (the water retention and pain in nipples went away though).

So I am still trying to solve the E2 puzzle and find an E2 level where I feel good.

BF% probably around 18% now. I was overweight as a kid - not obese, but definitely chunky - and had mild “puffy nipple” gyno through much of high school (ie: no hard nodules, but definitely E2 at play). Although my BF is higher than it should be i’m now in pretty good shape, heavy weights and HIIT 4x per week. I’m a moderate weekend drinker and I’m going to be cutting it down to only special occasions moving forward. I eat a relatively healthy diet, lots of meat and greens, but i wouldnt say it’s specifically tailored to E2 reduction.

Can you post your actual E2 numbers including lab ranges?

I will try to manage E2 levels with minimal dosing of AI. the matter is difficult in my case because I have no access to LC/MS method of E2 levels testing (only ECLIA). I have never used any AI, however I prefer to start with minimal dosage.

I will try to add 0.125mg anastrozole (EOD) to my current TRT regimen (40mg EOD subQ).