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Microdiscectomy Experiences


An operation is looking more and more likely for me.

Has anyone here had a microdiscectomy and recovered full athletic function? Or not? What were your experiences of the operation aftermath and recovery/rehabilitation?


Herniated L4-L5, L5-S1, had micro laser disectomy by the late Dr. Charles Kalko. He insisted on rehab 5 days post operation. Even had me walking around the post op floor doing squats once the tubes came out and I woke up. The numbness in my left leg went away immediately after the surgery. That was in 2000, still squatting and dead lifting with no problems. Dr. Kalko advised to keep lifting , but NO heavy singles. Dr. Kalko was a Neurologist and did a complete “once over”(MRI, Cat Scan and Spinal Tap) before he told me surgery was my only option. Glad I did it.