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Micro Muscle Lab/Fitrodyne


I imagine that you must be inundated with email so I thought I would try and catch you in the forum. I have followed your posts in Charlie’s forum and am seriously considering purchasing the Micro Muscle Lab. Have you found this type of data to be useful and, more importantly, worth the expense? Any other input would be greatly apprectiated of course. Thanks in advance for your time.


Well it is useful if you know how to use it and interpret the data. For example I tested Pascal Caron (bobsleigh/track) on the vertical jump, squat jump from a static start and depth jump. The data allowed me to conclude that he was exceptionaly good at utilizing the stretch reflex, but that his concentric muscle strength was lower than it should be.

Is it worth the expense. It depends. If you have a tight budget, no it isn’t. But if you invest a lot in training equipment it’s not that big of an investment. If you only have limited funds, it is not the first choice I’d make.