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Micro Loading on Press


overhead press is a bitch to me. I am always quickly stalled. It gains very very very slow. I am thinking to micro load the weight. Instead on 5lb a cycle, I want to 2.5lb. Is it a good start?



That’s one way to approach it. Another is adding more volume or trying a rep range or a progression method you haven’t tried before. Higher volume tends to work wonders for press.


I was on fsl 5x5 before, but it did not work that well for me. Then I came up with this micro loading idea. Currently for the volume, I do 55%-60% reps for 50 reps as fast as possible. This is pretty new to me then, I am gonna test it out.


In 5/3/1 (not beyond), second edition, there is a chapter “Even Smaller Increments?”.
The autor write that he didn’t try it, but that it should be ok.

I have same problem with the bench but no access to little plates. I can’t try, but if I could, I would.


I did not recall anything like that in the book, maybe I did not pay attention to it. my bad. I bought the fractional plates, but they were so expensive. $70 for 4 sets. So later I returned it and bought another standard steel pair of 1.25lb. let me try a couple cycles to see how it goes.


Page 29 (kindle version, should be same on hard copy).