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Micro-Dosing Tren During Blast

So I’m considering micro dosing Tren during my current blast. I am someone who runs 365, and have been for years. Blast and cruise is the game. When I cruise, which is most of the time it’s 100mg / 5 days. (Test c). When I blast it’s just 200mg/5 days. I have zero Interest in running a shit ton of Tren but it has me interested. If it’s true that it’s 5x test then I don’t see how micro dosing wouldn’t be a benefit. What I’m thinking of doing is 20mg mon/wed/fri totaling 60mg which should be the same as 300mg of test without the estrogen conversion. I’m also taking .5g Adex / 3 days. Curious if anyone has taken a low dose of Tren. Just trying to expedite fat loss (205 lbs 5ft 11 15% ish body fat, 39 y/o, 20+ years lifting experience) while adding some pep to my blast. Would only run Tren for 8 weeks. Thanks gents.

That’s not at all accurate. You’ve been conned.

Is that while on 100 or 200 e5d? Because that’s kind of a lot.

Then eat less. If you’re not doing this for a competition or because of some sense of outsized vanity it’s pretty hard to justify tren. I know it’s a meme at this point, but it really is neurotoxic and comes with a whole host of long term downsides. Yes, even at low doses.

The consensus will be that 60mg is too low to see any real results and that you’ll need to do 20/d minimum for it to make a difference. I don’t know that it’s true, but the guys who run it often seem to agree on that, so I’ll defer to them.

These are based on a mouse or rat study that had a lot of errors in methodology. It is damn strong, but from the people I know who have tried it they say 3X mg/mg.

I think 150 mg would get you noticeable results. I wouldn’t use Tren, but if I did, I wouldn’t use less than 150 mg/wk.

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I only take adex when running 400/week. If I should be taking less like a .25 eod let me know. Personally it’s just easier to break the pill in half rather than quarters. I’m thinking maybe to nix the Tren and just bump to 500/week but I don’t know if the extra 100 mg is worth it when it comes to results. In a 500 cal def now.

If you’re cutting then you don’t need much beyond a trt dose of test and the willpower to not eat as much as you want. (Easier said than done, I know)

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That’s about 280mg/week, kinda low for a blast dose. But you also said you take 400mg/week? Which one is accurate? Prolly get more out of the 400mg and no Tren vs 280mg + tiny amount of Tren

I’m more maingaining. Slight deficit no cardio. Works for me. Was it you that was saying my adex dose is too high? I’m curious what a good ratio would be.

I misspoke. When I blast I run 200mg/ every 4 not 5 days. I’d rather pin 200 every 4 than 400 every 7 to keep my levels at a consistent range vs a roller coaster. The most I have done is 600 (1.5 cc every 4 days) and at the level I start running hot. I’m worried I’ll not be able to lift if I have a fever since they take my temp when I lift.

I have ran a lot of tren over the past ten years I would say it is accurate 5xs stronger then test. It gives results I’ve never seen capable of any other compound. Nothing is even in the ballpark with it. The side effects from tren are also like no other compound I’ve run. Stuff will make you bat shit crazy and mad as hell at times. But if it made me turn purple and grow horns I’d still take it.

I thought that was your adex dose on 100/w and I was very concerned. But you cleared that up above, so all good.

Even that will put you way above natty levels if it’s a serious diet, because no natural has 1000 ng/dL T while cutting


I liked tren ace when I ran it at 300mg/week, however, the aesthetic effects weren’t noticeable on me and I attribute that to me having too high a BF% at the time. Side effects were minimal other than night sweats and the tren cough every now and again, but strength went up like a damn rocket ship. I just wish I could have been like one of those guys that reports “I woke up leaner this morning than yesterday!” Maybe next time.

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