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Micro Dosing Test Cyp

Has anyone ever micro dosed test cyp. Yes I know why would you do that. I only ask because I will be taking other compounds that are EOD so was thinking of micro dosing test cyp. EOD as well. Thoughts?

I don’t know that I’d say I’m microdosing test C, but last cycle I pinned EOD and the current cycle I am on I am pinning EOD as well. I do feel like there are less negative sides by pinning it more frequently. I prefer pinning EOD when on cycle (but not on TRT/cruise)

I run test EOD when I use something like Var that lowers SHBG to single digits. Otherwise I feel the lows before my next shot is due. There’s no problem matching your compounds to your shortest ester

I would put it all the compounds in one syringe and go EOD. I think it is more optimal to dose a long ester more frequently (it just has a cost (pinning more), and a low payoff).

I always scratch my head when people pin test twice a week, and another compound is separately pined EOD. Makes no sense, since the cost of more frequent pinning is removed with the need to pin the short ester anyways.