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Micorwave??.....or cook.

What really are the effects of microwaving food. How does everyone eat? Do you take time to cook? Or just microwave? eg. Oatmeal in the morning. Microwave or cook?

I think if you time it you can eat your oatmeal faster if you use the stove than the microwave. I like the consistancy better anyway.

I use the nuker to reheat but rarely to cook anything.

Ditto. I cook all my food conventionally, including oatmeal. I am picky about the taste and quality of my food, and don’t like the taste and/or texture with microwaving. I don’t really see a big time advantage for microwaving, either.

Some studies published in the Journal of Science of Food and Agriculture found that microwaving vegetables destroyed antioxidants. Microwaving broccoli destroyed nearly all the antioxidants. Boiling destroyed around half, while steaming destroyed only 10%.

Why does microwaving kill off anti-oxidants? Is it the extreme heat? If so why not put the microwave to low power?

Is it the electromagnetic field? If so eating by a wireless router will kill off all the anti-oxidants in your food. Then again sitting by a wireless router is like putting a microwave by your head all day.

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Micorwave what is micorvawe? I heard of microwave?
Are you the same person who asked about the best way to “straighten” his legs few weeks ago?

ive read that microwave meals compared to regularly cooked meals , even veggies, caused an increase in cholesterol levels where regularly cooked food did not after ingestion. Which means that the microwave food was prob more damaged, cholesterol is likea punching bag for oxidants…your body increases cholesterol when oxidanct activiy is very high. thats just my theory on it.

“What really are the effects of microwaving food”

the food gets hot.

thanks P-dog for that terrific insight!

avoid the plastic wrap and containers if using microwaves.
There was even an article on the subject about a year ago on T-mag.
stick to the glass bowls…

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Microwaves cook food by a combination of two processes:

1 They excite water, fat and carb molecules within the food causing them to rotate at very high frequencies, this results in friction which generates heat.

2 Microwaves can only penetrate 1 1/2" into food so anything thicker cooks by conduction. And there will be some conduction occurring within thinner foods.

There is nothing magical about microwave ovens. The reason they destroy the anti-oxidants is because the water temperature destroys them if in direct contact. The microwaves penetrate into the middle of the veg and heat the water there destroying the anti-oxidants. Boiling obviously contacts the veg directly with water but the heat differential is higher between the surface and the center relative to microwave cooking and with steam the heat transfer is even lower.

If you need a microwave to cook oatmeal, you might want to concider loosening up that schedule a little bit.