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Mickey Rourke: The Wrestler


Yeah, I know he dabbled in boxing for a few years, but I don't recall him ever being as jacked as he was in the movie the wrestler.

If you also consider his age then its even more impressive.

Has anyone read any articles detailing how he prepped for the role?

Oh, and let me save some of you some key strokes:
i) I don't plan on following his routine
ii) Yeah, I know, he's not that jacked


I think he basically admitted to juicing during a CNN interview afterwards. (He still had to work hard, blah blah blah, standard disclaimers…).


He used to bodybuild and has bodybuilder friends he said a lot of it was muscle memory.


Yip, he looks better than real life wrestler Hulk Hogan. He looks like a turd. His wife is rough looking WOOF! He should quit overly protecting his wannabe/failed singer/wench of a daughter. If the bitch wants a double stuff, let her have it! She’s a big girl, age wise and physically WOOF!



He grew up a gym rat because his dad was a former bodybuilder (Mr New York?).

Mickey was chosen for the role, and in the 2 year period the producer was trying to get funding for the pic (Rourke was a major risk), Mickey trained and ate like crazy (always had a protein shake on him wherever he went).


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