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Mickey Rourke Injection Method


Jesus - we were watching The Wrestler and there's this part where Rourke jams the needle into his ass! OUCH. Does anybody here do it like that? Shit, I push that needle in for about 20 seconds and push the plunger in really slowly too. Never had any problems.

(And boy does Rourke's face look like a monster. His build is pretty damn good though.)


I can jab that fast doing it to another person, but I can't bring myself to do it that way on my own body. It is actually less painful doing the fast insertion, that is unless you directly hit a nerve.


His method was pretty damned fast. I also noted it was pretty far down and to the middle of his glute and I seem to not recall there being any aspiration, either. It looked a little wrong to me, though I did not feel like the movie's overall treatment of steroids was at all ignorant or even really negative.

I shoot for the upper outer quadrant, but feel free to move about pretty well within that area, and I inject much more slowly now, both insertion of needle and injection of fluid, after having had some not very fun experiences occur as a result of my overzealous injection technique.

I thought The Wrestler was a pretty damned good movie, overall, anyway, and I've loved Mickey Rourke since Barfly. Certainly it is the most watchable of Aronofsky's movies. His punching that meat slicer, though...damn...yeesh. In this day of easy internet access to...well, everything, there's not much left that can make me cringe, but that scene sure as hell did.


I use a 21 gauge needle. I sometimes get a zing when I inject myself. When my wife injects me I don't feel a thing other than a little pressure sometimes........of course she's been a nurse for 30 years....LOL!


Maybe he got his technique from these guys lol

Sample injection is around 4:56. Its a good video for landmarking the delt, quad and glutes though.


Yeah, okay, I just cringed again.

You see the glute injection subject jump when he plunges that needle in there?

I can't remember my last IM shot from a dr (or anyone other than myself). Do they typically throw it in there like they're throwing a dart? I would be jumping out of my chair if I knew the dr was going to come at me like that for a quad injection. Yikes.


Yes, they do dart it in quickly. However a doc would most likely never give you an injection in the quad. Glute or delt for almost everything.


Yeah cortes - they do it fast. This is because they know (due to the use of mapped areas as we should all be using) that they won't be hitting nerves or crap in the site i believe..


Watching that youtube vid - no wonder I hated shots when I was a kid. I do them now in my quads and about 1/2 of the time I don't even feel it. Literally, I do not feel anything when injecting and I do it slow as hell - no dart throwing here.


I go in pretty quick and push the plunger fairly fast but nothing like Rourke.

I thought the same thing when I watched that.Hollywood could at least have guys do stuff like like properly so when kids and the uneducated see it they dont think that is how its done.


guys wanna know a funny fact?

that dealer in the movie is an amateur bodybuilder who recently got busted for dealing AAS. LOL I like the irony...haha


i kno i saw that on the news before i saw the movie..they found that guy in a club and thought hed be great for the part and about a week before the movie came out i belive he got arrested for selling steroids haha