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Michigan vs Appalachain State


Best...football game....ever!


so much for a "warm up" game for Michigan.....App. State is no push over,anyways....good program.


Yeah just saw the highlights, especially the blocked kick at the end. The App. State player almost took it to the house, even though the game was over.


Fucking pathetic. Sometimes it's difficult to be a U of M fan. Loyd Carr, once again, has failed to prepare his team. He needs to go.

bigflamer stumbles off to cry alone


Yeah, we played them last year in the 1AA playoffs and they are a great program. This one blew up in Michigan's face big time.


Fucking depressing. I'm crying with ya, Flamer.


I love it. Mich is so overrated year in and year out. Go Gators!


I wonder when the talking heads on ESPN will finally realize that the Big 10 is not that tough of a conference.

Sure they have a couple of decent teams, but they are not that strong of a conference. At least not strong enough to warrant the idiots on TV creaming their pants over it.

The SEC and the Big 12 South are twice as hard to win than the Big 10.


My alma mater ... pathetic...

Blocked kicks, lost opportunities, damn what a goat fuck...


I wish I could've found the game on tv anywhere on the regular channels here. Not that I saw this coming, but I def would've watched after I saw the half time score


My team's Notre Dame and then Pennstate.. and Notre Dame got smoked today but damn... Michigan got beat by a d2 school. Good for App State.


Muck Fichigan


This is what I get for deciding not to watch college football and doing hill sprints today instead. Oh well I am sure they will talk over and over about it on sportscenter tonight.


I'm a Big 10 fan, but first and foremost a Michigan State fan. Since I'm torn between being screaming yes or blushing from embarassment it's hard to take this in.

I have to think though that this doesn't diminish the integrity of the Big 10 for years to come, but for now, it is an annoying scratch. We still have OSU and Wisconsin, and Michigan will turn this season around. It's not a fluke that many of the top players in the country choose to go to that school, it is still an elite level program. It's just a black eye for now, they have Mike Hart, Mario Manningham, and other numerous athletes, which won't let their season turn any worse.

Things like this happen, and Appalachian State isn't a terrible team. Their D1-AA Champions.


That game was awesome! Go Bucks!


From an OU fan who's witnessed his Sooners lose embarassangly to mid-majors TCU and Boise State in the last two seasons, I can empathize with Michigan fans better than nearly anybody else right now.

It's not much solace right now, but realize that this upset is only an UPSET because Michigan is a great program.

But man, my Sooners looked sharp, focused, and ready to rumble yesterday. No mental errors, no stupid mistakes, good tackling, etc. We'll learn a lot more next week vs. Miami, but if OU is hitting on all cylinders already, they might become a really special team later in the season...


Another OU fan here.

We fucked them pretty hard.



I don't want to talk about it. :frowning:


You mean to say you are a UT-Norman fan, right?


Oh well, wish I could have watched this one........GEAUX TIGERS!