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Michigan Sucks


This may possibly be the worst Michigan team of all time. Maybe not talent wise but certainly teamwise. Oregon players were saying that they felt that the defense quit after a while. The coaching is some of the worst that I have ever seen. Lloyd Carr and Ron English have to go. They still have not figured out how to beat a spread offense.

I can tell you how. Speed and lots of it. That and aggressiveness, with the play calling and on the field. A good example of this is Jim Johnson over at Philadelphia. He runs a 4-3 but his play calling constantly changes and his blitz packages confuse the opposing defense. They never know what to expect. A big difference from the run-run-pass defense of Michigan.

Lets face it. Michigan football needs a complete overhaul. When players miss tackles, stop playing hard, blow coverages, get beat on big plays when you are playing a prevent defense. You've got problems. Big ones. And it all starts with the coaching.

Does any body know if Michigan uses HIT in their training? That might help explain why they are getting their asses handed to them physically on the field.


Football isn't just HIT, it's a lot more than that. as far as i remember Michigan has always had a hard time in big games. What's bo's Rose Bowl record? Isn't it something like 2-8 or so?


I honestly think they're about to turn it around and destroy ND next week(which pains me to say as an OSU fan, but I hate ND too so it works out). If you watched the whole game yesterday(cheering the whole time) you may have caught a scene where Mike Hart refused to leave the field to let his backup in while he briefly cramped up.

Shortly after a freshman WR kicked one of the Oregan DBs in the knee, and Jake Long got in his face and totally tore into him. Ya it sucks that their seniors are just now getting that fired up, but for a team that has like 14 of them starting, and the entire big10 schedule to go still, they could technically turn it around.

That team is too talented to stay down all season, bad coaching or not. Eventually pride takes over and the players will will themselves to some wins.

Also, the spread offense works against teams like Michigan because they ARE aggressive, and they ARE physical. That's exactly what it was designed to do, crate space so hard hitting physical linebackers need to cover faster slot receivers, small/quick tight ends and running backs.

ESPN just did a little break down of the spread offense actually because of the App state game and it describes perfectly how it works against a team built like Michigan, and most of the Big10(traditional type teams, run the ball on O, stop the run on D).


Why Michigan fans haven't driven Lloyd Carr out of town yet is beyond me. Seriously, that guy needs to get out of there.


Also, the cure to Michigan's problem is coming right up: their Big Ten schedule.

Nothing would help the slow, plodding Wolverines like having to play eight even slower Big Ten teams.

The short-term future looks pretty bleak for UM, but they'll still scrape to a bowl this year, and will hopefully get a new coach that can bring the program into the 21st Century.